Restaurant Owner Blames Lack Of Work For 99% Increase In Chicken Wings Prices – Real Pundit

A restaurant owner from Buffalo, New York, told Fox Business on Monday that chicken wings are more expensive because farms are struggling to cope with the nation’s labor shortage.

Greg Duell, co-owner of Duff’s Famous Wings, told Fox Business that wing prices from his supplier are up to 99% and they can’t keep up with his chicken customers ’demands.

“America’s chicken wing farms, they’re having a hard time retaining and recruiting employees,” Duell told Fox Business. “If that happens, they can’t process the birds fast enough, they have to feed more, feed costs go up, the birds get bigger and they can’t process and get them,” he said.

Dan Ponton, president and chief executive of Roosters, an Ohio chicken restaurant, told the Dayton Daily News that the prices of wings are the highest they have had in the 33 years he has been in the industry.

“Several years ago, in the first shortage, prices for chicken wings went up to $ 2.25 a pound – and that’s not felt in the industry,” said the CEO of the Dayton Daily News. Today, prices have reached $ 2.75 a pound, according to the Dayton Daily News.

Some restaurants, struggling to staff themselves as pandemic bans begin to rise, offer incentives for work in an effort to combat labor shortages. Reported benefits include free iPhones and bonus money. – READ MORE

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