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Do you remember the potential re-appointment by Trump supporters that everyone said was a conspiracy theory? Welp, it’s done (as I said in this article where “I blew someone’s comment on social media out of balance,”) it’s a fact. So far on a small scale. Even Americans re-teaching politics somehow smacks of communism. Especially with the problem that it has become a tax deduction amount.

Defendants in the Jan. 6 case at the Capitol were denied their own attorneys.

A public defender named H. Heather Shaner, we were assured by Ryan J. Reilly of the Huffington Post, had no choice but to defend the “attackers” on Jan. 6 because “who can’t afford their own attorneys, as guaranteed by The U.S. Constitution and as provided in the Criminal Justice Act. ”

But he also takes the opportunity to re-educate his clients, so that they are no longer discriminated against.

“Reading the books and after watching these shows is like a revelation,” Shaner told HuffPost. “I think education is a very powerful tool … So I gave them book lists and showed them what they should look at.”

Shaner said his clients are poorly educated and know little about the country. His two female clients took on the task with agility, according to Shaner and got the library cards for the first time in their lives.

“My girls were like,‘ I never knew this in school. Why don’t I know about it? ‘”Shaner said. (A couple male clients aren’t as enthusiastic students, he says. ”Guys like‘ Oh, I can get it. ’” But he said some of his male clients make their own -edukar.) (source)

S0, if I know this right, those poor women are quiet women who just need someone to help them spot the flaw in their methods and introduce them to the public library pleasure, but men refuse to explain to women?

And how is this case relevant? It is purely political.

Shaner represents six of the more than 500 defendants at the Capitol: Anna Morgan-Lloyd, Annie Howell, Jack Jesse Griffith (aka John Bibiano), Israel Tutrow, and Landon Kenneth Copeland.

What’s on the reading / movie list?

Shaner’s re-education program focuses on many of the worst moments in history (not just in American history) to convince white people that they will be executed. The program suggested the Capitol protest (even if it was based on what many believed to be a permanent election) took place because of their inherent racism.

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