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Apparently Kim Jong Un is already the perfect cultural warrior in attempts to “protect” the North from a K-Pop invasion, called the style of South Korean pop culture which in recent years has disappeared all over the world a “vicious cancer” that has devastated youth, but still continues to enter the DPRK. A new quote in the state media this week shows his belief that North Korea will do so “It collapsed like a damp wall.”

The latest statements on the war against K-Pop come months ago when Kim herself or other state media officials shouted against the harmful “dress, hairstyle, speech, manners” from outside influence, especially from music and film in South Korea, threatening to provoke changes in the “ideological and mental state” of the country’s youth.

Months later Kim also ordered authorities in all provinces to “ruthlessly” fight the rise of “capitalist inclinations” and all external forms of cultural influence.

Many international reports are now highlighting a law passed in December, but have received more attention about K-Pop comments, given it means a citizen could literally face 15 years. labor if it is found that they are in possession of Famous entertainment in South Korea:

It calls for five to 15 years of labor camps for people watching or having fun in South Korea., approved by Seoul lawmakers appointed by government intelligence officials, and North Korean documentaries leaked to Daily NK, a Seoul -based website. The previous maximum penalty for such crimes was five years ’labor.

And even worse, “dealing” is made into a capital offense … – READ MORE

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