Pfizer Now Tests COVID Vaccines on Infants As Young as 2 Months of Age • Protecting Children’s Health

In “This Week” with Mary Holland, head of Child Health, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of “Vaxxed,” Mary and Polly discuss the latest COVID vaccine news.

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This week, Mary Holland, Protecting the Health of Children (CHD) president, and Polly Tommey, co-producer of “Modified, ”Close the latest COVID headline, including a New York Law requiring the unidentified person to both wear a mask in public or face a $ 1,000 fine, a article in The Guardian that said vaccinated people who died from COVID should be expected because the jab is “effective but not perfect” and is a Center for Disease Control and Prevention panel confirming COVID mRNA vaccines cause inflammation of the heart.

Mary and Polly also discussed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) decision to add a heart inflammation warning label of Pfizer and Moderna COVID vaccines, a Michigan teenager who dies from myocarditis three days after receiving a second dose of COVID vaccine from Pfizer and a linking to the report the Pfizer COVID vaccine in a rare blood disease.

Here’s more to discuss this week:

  • UK said health officials children over 12 should be vaccinated “as soon as possible” to reach full strength against the thriving Delta variety. “They chase the kids,” Mary said. “This is the next market they’re trying to reach and they’re using stories about the Delta race as a basis to drive fear.”
  • HEALTH officers warned the Delta variant could “spread immediately” and “erupt into a new pandemic,” but so far, statistics don’t justify another round of lockdowns or widespread vaccinations of children.
  • As in parents banned the COVID shot, rebellious teenagers are looking for ways to get the vaccine. “They love teenagers who are against their parents,” Mary said.
  • A 3 -year -old from Atlanta got the COVID shot as part of a pediatric vaccine testing for Pfizer’s COVID vaccine. Children were divided into 3 groups, ages 5 to 11, 2 to 5 and 2 to 6 months. “I have a hard time admitting that they plan trials on a two to six month old baby,” Mary said. “If they can do it at birth or pregnancy, they’ll try that next time,”
  • the developing mRNA vaccine technologyRobert Malone, told Tucker Carlson that the “government is not transparent” about the risks of the COVID vaccine.
  • A new test A slightly modified version of the AstraZeneca COVID vaccine was tested, designed to be more effective against the different beta.
  • two unidentified North Carolina State baseball players positively tested for COVID, which is why the NCAA tested the entire team, including vaccinated players. It revealed four more positive tests, all from vaccinated individuals who were in the dugout for Friday’s game. The NCAA declared that day’s semifinal game a no -brainer, so NC State was eliminated from the tournament.
  • Morgan Stanley’s New York office plan to ban workers from its NY headquarters if they didn’t get the COVID shot. “It’s a mandate of an Emergency Use Only product,” Mary said. “It’s unethical and I would argue it’s illegal.”
  • A the university fired a surgeon expressing his concern about the safety of giving COVID vaccines to children. “It’s censorship,” Mary said. “It’s the muzzling of a doctor standing up for informed consent.”
  • Car Carz Turek, who trains in integrated medicine, tweeted his disappointment that as a doctor, he or she can give the COVID vaccine without informed consent and if the patient has a reaction, that’s okay with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario. But if he discussed the risk versus the benefit and the patient refused the vaccine, he was investigated.
  • Australia is end of AstraZeneca vaccine due to its link to severe blood clots in people under 60. Recipients will start receiving the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines instead.
  • A report on CNC3 TV says breastfeeding mothers are already allowed to get the vaccine at Sinopharm. “The World Health Organization doesn’t say it’s okay” for breastfeeding mothers, Polly said. “They don’t have enough data on any of this.”
  • Russia is ordered vaccination for some workers to be vaccinated and ask for shots to get into specific businesses, such as restaurants. A poll nor “the Levada Center says 60% of Russians don’t want to get the vaccine,” Mary said.
  • A UK said the media minister the rules of travel quarantine do not apply to “important persons.”
  • A report by Whales Online says COVID vaccines can be given to pets.
  • A local The CBS reporter was fired after sharing pro-vaccine methods in the network. In an interview with Project Veritas, April Moss accused CBS 62 of manipulating listeners to a different corporate agenda. Polly said, “Thanks ladies and many more to follow, you did the right thing.”
  • This is stated by the Make-a-Wish Foundation will only give wishes in sick children last vaccinated whole. “If you read the good print, it says they never need to be vaccinated,” Mary said.
  • Ten thousand already anti-lockdown protesters marched in London called for “freedom.” Protesters held placards calling on police to “arrest Matt Hancock” after he was arrested for violating COVID rules.
  • A group of Protesters show “anti-vaccine” at the opening night of Bruce Springsteen’s “Springsteen on Broadway” with signs against the theater’s policy requiring exhibitors to have proof of vaccination with a vaccine approved by the WHO or the FDA.
  • Until June 26, there are no restrictions on meetings due to COVID apply to I Island. “Good for them!” as Polly.
  • Graduate student Cait Corrigan said RFK, Jr. in “RFK Jr. The Defender Podcast ” that he was threatened and harassed by his classmates, professor / academic advisor and the president of Earlham College when he refused against the school’s refusal to accept his religious faith without payment for the COVID vaccine.
  • Mary will speak to Freedom Symposium (July 3 – 4) at Old Town Hall in Philadelphia.

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