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Israeli researchers on Monday said they a link was discovered between Pfizer’s COVID vaccine and thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), a blood clot.

The scientists of Institute of Hematology at Shamir Medical Center They said began to research the possible link comes after reports of a sudden rise in TTP across Israel – four cases seen a month compared to two or three cases per year.

The TTP is a autoimmune diseases causing the formation of blood vessels in the small blood vessels throughout the body. Agreed to National Institutes of Health, these clots can cause serious health problems if they block the arteries and restrict blood flow to organs, such as the brain, kidney and heart.

Agreed to Jerusalem Post, the medical team said they found a “chronological connection” between vaccination and the onset of TTP symptoms. They pointed out that this occurred in both new patients and in patients with old TTP whose disease was forgiven but flared up immediately after getting the vaccine.

The Health Ministry, which reviewed the research, asked doctors not to give interviews until the evaluation was completed.

Dr. Maya Koren-Michowitz, head of Hematology and the Translational Hemato-Oncology Laboratory and lead author of the study, recommended people with a history of TTP be vaccinated only with special permission from their doctor-and if they get vaccinated, take a follow-up clinical examination.

Koren-Michowitz also called on “healthy people” who have been vaccinated to be vigilant and seek immediate medical help if they have symptoms.

“Doctors and patients should be on the lookout for clinical symptoms: fatigue, neurological disorders, hemorrhage and chest pain,” the Israeli tem says in a press release.

A spokesman said the study was very small and “should not prevent individuals from getting the COVID vaccine.”

Experts have long warned mRNA vaccines can cause hemorrhage.

A government -run search Adverse Vaccine Reporting System (VAERS), which used search criteria including blood pressure reports related to blood coagulation disorders, yielded a total 6,352 events reported between December 14, 2020 to June 11, 2021.

Of the 6,352 reported cases, 2,705 dedicated to Pfizer, 2,197 dedicated to Moderna and 1,408 dedicated to the Johnson & Johnson (J&J) COVID vaccine.

As in The Defender reports in April, U.S. control officials alerted back in December 2020 that the vaccines Pfizer and Moderna – such as AstraZeneca and J&J COVID vaccine – May pose similar risks to blood clots.

Last Dec. 8, 2020, before receiving any COVID vaccine Emergency Use Permit in the US, J. Patrick Whelan, MD, Ph.D., WROTE the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regarding the potential for vaccines designed to generate resistance to SARS-CoV-2 the spike protein that “causes microvascular and blood damage throughout the body including the brain, heart, liver and kidney, in ways not diagnosed in safety trials.”

As in The Defender reports in February, Whelan, a Harvard -trained physician with a background in biochemistry, medicine and rheumatology, did not dispute the potential of vaccines to quickly capture the spread of the virus – which has proven to be proven by vaccines that actually prevent transmission, without also evaluated in clinical trials. .

But Whelan warned that “it would be even worse if hundreds of millions of people would suffer long-term or even permanent damage to their brain or heart microvasculature as a result of not being appreciated in the short term. intended effect at full length.protein-based vaccines on other organs. ”

In a study published by Oxford University, the researchers found the number of people developing cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST) blood after COVID vaccines was similar for Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca.

According to an Oxford study, 4 in 1 million people experience CVST two weeks after vaccination with the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, compared with 5 in 1 million people who develop the condition after getting the AstraZeneca vaccine. .

Although researchers found an even greater increase in blood pressure in infected people COVID, the incidences of blood clots following vaccines are much higher than the experience of 0.41 – a strong signal that vaccines have a specific risk.

“These findings are consistent with what we know how Vaccine -induced spike proteins can self-induce cell signaling through interactions with ACE-2 receptors, “said Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN, president emerita of Protecting the Health of Children.

Redwood said:

“If this occurs, it can result in inflammation and many other potential pathological events in the epithelial lining of blood vessels that can trigger pro-inflammatory cytokines that are able to activate the coagulation and regulatory systems. of the anticoagulant pathways that result in the formation of namu. ”

A study published in February of Journal of Hematology examined thrombocytopenia following vaccination by Pfizer and Moderna in response to the death of a 56-year-old Florida doctor – the first known patient to die from a cerebral hemorrhage after receiving Pfizer vaccine.

After reviewing 20 case reports of patients suffering from hemorrhage following vaccination – including 17 pre -existing thrombocytopenia – and analyzing data from U.S. health agencies, VAERS and treatment providers, researchers behind the study in the Journal of Hematology. inseparable the possibility that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have the potential to activate ITP. They recommend extra vigilance.

In April, the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS) notified the FDA that mRNA products, through spike proteins, may have “potential to cause microvascular damage [inflammation and small blood clots called microthrombi] in the brain, heart, liver and kidney in ways not tested in safety tests. “The FDA did not respond.

AAPS identified at least 37 people at the time who developed a rare platelet disease after receiving the Pfizer or Moderna shot.

On April 13, Hooman Noorchashm, an orthodontist and advocate for ethical specialist in cardiothoracic surgery, joined Tucker Carlson in his show to discuss blood transfusions and vaccines.

Noorchashm, commenting on the FDA’s decision temporary cessation J&J’s vaccine after reports of blood damage, said even if it’s a good sign that the FDA is taking it seriously blood complications with the J&J vaccine, the agency eliminated the same thrombotic complications as Pfizer and Moderna.

Noorchashm said:

“I don’t know why this cluster has an effect on J&J. There are specific other examples of thrombotic events with Pfizer and Moderna embedded in the VAERS system.”

According to Redwood, it only makes sense to assume that if the vaccine creates the same protein on the spike occurring in infection, and being recognized as guilty of causing many serious and life-threatening injuries, “we see similar injuries in individuals who receive vaccines.”

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