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How different from the unfavorable social and economic conditions would it be that at least five different counties of U.S. voters would want to flee one state to join the borders of another state? Similarly, all it takes is a cult of insane Marxists running the entire state from the safety of their metropolitan communities while asking people to submit their eternal existence to mandates that medical mandate of an elitist minority. Yes, things have to go bad to inspire a lot of people to leave and taking half the state with them.

Welcome to Oregon…

I used to live across the state border from Portland, Oregon until the 1990s, and while the area has always been considered a haven for wasippong hippies, discard grunge bands and no pulse sucking. to the progressives, they lacked to replace the place and the town was still clean and well -kept and peaceful. You rarely hear about crime, poverty or chaos; those are the problems provided for places like California.

I don’t remember any moment in time when people said they felt “unsafe” in Portland, or if they were desperate to leave Oregon for green pastures. It used to be a decent place to make a living. Lots of changes since then.

While politics remained and the Democratic Party became more militant in its changing ideology and based on collective states this control over the people became an even worse financial and constitutional failure. It may always be there under the skin, but over the past few years the cancer has progressed. I have absolutely no interest in going back to Oregon and I have no known interest in visiting the area as well. When I research local news, this is what always pops up:

Portland is now a homeless tent city with walls of trash on the streets and constant riots. The city reported a 2000% increase in homicides, which was specifically after steps were taken to defend local police precincts. Oregon also has an overall debt about $ 43 billion, which is higher than neighboring red states like Idaho and Montana. Data for 2020 to 2021 poverty and homelessness rates have not yet been released, in part because towns like Portland seek to curb the federal mandate count. back in January. I wouldn’t be surprised if the numbers had an epic spike last year; the only question, is it because of the covid, or just because of the confusion of the lefties? – READ MORE

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