NSA Whistleblower Reveals Tucker Carlson Began Admin Spying on His Communications

Tucker Carlson said an NSA whistleblower had stepped in and provided evidence that the National Security Agency (NSA) was spying on him.

“Yesterday we heard from a whistleblower inside the U.S. government, who came to warn us that the NSA (National Security Agency) was tracking our electronic communications and was planning to blow them out in an attempt to show it on the air. , “said Carlson.

The whistleblower, who was in a position to be identified, kept repeating to us information about a story we had started, which could only have been from my texts and emails. Nothing else is possible to get for that information, period. The NSA got that information we didn’t know about, and did it for political reasons.

The Biden administration is spying on that. We proved that. This morning we filed a FOIA request asking for all the information gathered by the NSA and other agencies about this show. ”


Readers are of course familiar with the NSA espionage revelations brought to light by Edward Snowden and WikiLeaks. Now let’s check out the more recent headline:

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