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The essential Twitter … Always just stay on Twitter.

Those who use the platform to express opinions on faith, politics, guns, culture, military, police, and other issues are not representative of popular opinion. They tend to hold positions not only on the left but far, on the left side.

Journalists, who are one of Twitter’s worst addicts, hold positions similar to those in the church. They make ideas out of them; they make up the stories in line with the thinking that goes on inside that bubble. What they do is rare from anything resembling a reasonable set of perspectives.

Jump on Twitter to check out the culture any time of the day, and you’ll love to believe all want to pollute the police; that only racists believe that the critical theory of race should be examined; that all white people are numerous because of history; who do not want voter ID; with no border crisis.

If you jumped on Twitter on Sunday after arriving for Father’s Day, you might believe that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis somehow organized the assassination attempt on Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz at a Paride parade in Sunshine State. This is because, within moments of a car being wrecked in the parade, news reports carry with it stories about a white man in a pickup truck causing a “tragic accident. “in frightened quotes.

Moments later, Fort Lauderdale mayor Dean Trantalis said it was a “terrorist attack against the LGBT community” and “intentional,” and soon, “#DeathSantis” was trending on Twitter, connecting to the Florida governor’s tragedy. Chris Hahn, who has a blue audited account and is a Democratic strategist, tweeted, “Ron DeSantis and the rest of the Florida GOP have blood on their hands.”

There are plenty of proven blue-checked Twitter accounts to jump on that road; it takes hours, as stories often do, to let the police know the truth: The horrific incident was just a horrific accident. In fact, the fatal wrong driver was a member of the Fort Lauderdale Gay Men’s Chorus.- READ MORE

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