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Veteran Democratic strategy James Carville once again criticized his own party for putting fear into its constituents.

“Ragin ‘Cajun” blames what he calls “noise” Democrats for the party’s shaky performance in this past election, CNN’s reported Chris Cuomo on Tuesday that people are more interested in how to improve their lives than the pronouns of others.

“People want the candidates to give solutions to their lives. Biden has done a little badly, but he’s better than suburban women. He has done better with veterans. of Italian voters and Hispanic voters, and I think part of that is that we know the defund police and police language, and that’s not Biden, ”Carville said after Cuomo was appointed in the presidential election. year 2020 former President Donald Trump gained ground among urban voters, while President Biden gained land within suburbs.

“You see, this remaining noisy identity that remains is 15% of the Democratic Party,” he added. “Two -thirds of the party are these loony – according to the loony insurrectionists. Even though we paid a terrible political price for much of our party element, where they don’t pay nearly the price for absolute discretion, not even on this planetary part of their party. That is why we need to be more effective and more determined in our communications. ” – READ MORE

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