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What started out like that two -week lockdown in Sydney three weeks this year to cover more than half of Australia’s 25 million people on Tuesday as a third state adopts strict anti-COVID measures as the delta’s severe paranoia continues to boil.

South Australia has ordered a ‘snap lockdown’ of (at least) seven days, this time with neighboring Victoria and New South Wales, Reuters reports.

Although the daily new COVID cases and deaths in Australia are lower than in other developed countries, authorities have also started locking in after the ‘drawbridge’ approach failed to keep COVID cases going. at the target country level of ‘0’. Now, they are desperately trying to vaccinate as many Australians as possible in the coming weeks. The lockdown in South Australia began in 1800 on Tuesday.

Premier Steven Marshall defended his decision to impose lockdown measures, saying “we hate to put these bans in place, but we have a chance to get them right”. The option, he suggests, could be a much higher freeze. But with the spread of lockdowns, the Australian people have grown angry, and politicians have noticed that they are counting on the voting numbers.

Under the new lockdown rules, all South Australian residents are required to stay at home unless they are essential workers or need to buy groceries or other necessities, or attend medical appointments. Individuals are allowed outdoors to exercise for up to a maximum of 90 minutes and within a 2.5km (1.5 mile) radius of their home. Schools will close and students will transfer to online learning. – READ MORE

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