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Anyone who didn’t live under a rock this summer will definitely remember the wave of anti-police sentiment that covered the US. The ultimate consequence, as we have previously reported, did thousands of police officers from departments across the country stop the crowds. Today, a survey of nearly 200 police departments indicates that retirement by 45% and resignation rises to 18% on the year between April 2020 and April 2021.

Survey data are revealed in the NYT, publishing them as the head of a long story about the trials and tribulations faced by police departments across the U.S..

At the time in question, the NYPD saw 2,600 officers retire, compared to 1,509 last year. Seattle position departures rose 123 from 34, and retirements rose 96 from 43.

Minneapolis, formerly Officer Derek Chauvin’s department, had 912 uniformed officers as of May 2019. They now end up with only 699 sworn officers, and the department is having a hard time finding suitable recruits for the next. its class in the police academy.

All of this is happening amid a scene of escalating violent crime in American cities.

Agreed to the NYT, one of the hardest-hit departments in the city is the Asheville Police Department, a hip and deep blue color of mostly red-western North Carolina. Asheville is a growing 90K community nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. It has been described by some as Portland in the South. Asheville became the site of anti-police protests in the area last year. In June, the city council agreed to provide $ 2.1MM to start paying for repairs to the black community (about 10K of the city’s 90K residents).

Asheville Police Chief David Zack, 58, told the NYT that the surge of contempt from the community has prompted many officers to quit. “They say we’ve become bad people, and we didn’t go to be bad people.” The sense that the town “does not support the police” is inevitable. – READ MORE

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