Michigan Officials Arrested Using $ 65,000 In COVID -19 Relief To Pay Their Own Bonuses – Real Pundit

Regardless of your thoughts on the coronavirus, there is no denying the damage it has done to America, the economy, and many families across the country. From government violations to misinformation in the media, it can be seen that the officials involved only know how to do one thing – throw money into the pandemic. In the course of COVID-19, the government has been more generous in approving stimulus packages aimed at keeping American families afloat, but note, the payments are small compared to what officials are paying. in the county of Michigan themselves using COVID-19 funds.

As the news broke this week, many Michigan voters wanted answers because reports showed that elected officials used $ 65,000 relief money to make them richer. And to make it worse, they are all Republicans. Voting on a single issue last week, Shiawassee County Commissioners decided to provide public employees, including themselves, with a one -time bonus of $ 1,000. Considered “hazard pay”, most employees receive more than $ 1,000.

According to reports, the average staff is given about $ 2,100, and that doesn’t include top-level staff like county board chairman Jeremy Root. He generously received $ 25,000 while second commissioners such as Brandon Marks and John Plowman were given $ 10,000 each. The remaining officers were given $ 5,000 each. It should be noted that County commissioners are now paid $ 10,000 per year for their part-time jobs.

Despite the shocking revelation, a county commissioner, Cindy Garber, agreed with the decision, claiming she deserved the money. “I think I got it. I work really hard at this job. I am here personally all this crazy year. “Even if it’s a crazy year, Garber seems to have forgotten that all Americans, especially the working class, have experienced the same difficulties as elected officials. – READ MORE

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