Joe Biden Nominates University President Who Paid Him $ 900,000 As Ambassador to Germany – True Pundit

President Joe Biden plans to appoint University of Pennsylvania President President Amy Gutmann as U.S. ambassador to Germany, the White House announced, after the university paid her more than $ 911,000 after she left the White House as vice president president.

Biden’s financial disclosure Revelation in 2019 he was appointed to the university to serve as Benjamin Franklin Presidential Practice Professor – the first person to hold the position.

Biden received $ 371,159 from the university in 2017 as well as $ 540,484 in 2018 and early 2019. He stepped down from the position in 2019 before his announcement to run for president.

Biden shows up for university events and public appearances but does not host regular classes for the university, ACCORDING to the student newspaper. He also appeared with Gutmann for several question-and-answer events.

Biden told world leaders of February that his previous position at the University of Pennsylvania made him a professor.

“Two years ago, as you pointed out when I last spoke in Munich, I was a private citizen. I was a professor, not an elected official,” he said, referring to his paid position at the university. .- READ MORE

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