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Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is brave SAY KTLA Sunday that the “infrastructure” plan will stop climate change.

The nearly $ 1.2 trillion plan, which hung in the balance with the support of 11 Senate Republicans, spends heavily on electric vehicles and other Democrat-sponsored “infrastructure. “

Buttigieg revealed the plan to the news station, saying that “As the West has been affected by severe weather events and some warming heat waves, it will not go away.”

He added, “We need to take serious climate action to stop it from getting worse and that’s part of what’s going to happen, thanks to these investments that we’re proposing to do with everything from infrastructure to de- electric vehicles to more robust planning communities. ”

Buttigieg cited the current bipartisan support for the plan, agreed in part, on “financing” that accompanies the Internal Revenue Service’s increased activity to prosecute taxpayers. READ MORE

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