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Every week the terrible wave of crime coming to America seems to get worse. In some of our largest towns, looting, murder and violence have become a way of life, and the authorities seem to have no power to do anything about it. Is this what we can expect life in the United States to be like going on? All over the world, people were watching us, and they were shocked by what they witnessed. Criminals are out of control, and many of our most populous towns have been transformed into the most brutal war zones.

For example, just look at what happened in Oakland over the weekend. According to Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong, his officers were completely overwhelmed by “The level of violence and gunshots”

The Fourth of July revolved around “12 hours of non-stop chaos” on Sunday night with several victims injured in a famous gunshot, a murder and a number of sideshow damaged by the gunfire. The night ended with a sideshow, in which more than 200 participants threw debris at police officers and illuminated them with laser beams.

Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong was criticized in reporters’ interviews that the level of violence and gunshots exceeded her officers.

Next door, San Francisco’s shoplifting epidemic has turned into a systematic robbery.

Unfortunately, no retailer can escape. Even though Neiman Marcus enthusiastically embraced a whole host of “awake” reasons, mercilessly criminals robbed one of their San Francisco stores. on Monday

The robbers captured video on Monday of ransacking a Neiman Marcus in San Francisco while stealing businesses in the area continued.

At least nine suspects smashed display cases, snatched handbags, and were jetted out of the building before law enforcement arrived around 6 p.m., according to footage. The suspects were seen running out of the store with their hands full of merchandise before entering an apparent automatic car driving at a busy intersection.

If you haven’t seen a shot of thieves yet, you can check it out just here. It happened in broad daylight, and it’s hard to believe that such scenes actually happened in the United States of America. – READ MORE

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