If You Already Have COVID and Recovered, Do You Need to Get Vaccinated? CDC asks • Protect Children’s Health

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On June 25, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) put up a poll on social media. This is a simple statement questioned by the agency as a TRUE / FALSE question: “If you still have # COVID-19 and get it, you still need to be vaccinated against COVID-19.”

55,559 Twitter members participated in the vote in 24 hours. More than 70% of respondents pointed to the CDC statement as “WRONG.”

Of course, this is not a “science poll.” But it represents the overall opinion of people on Twitter. And we all know how powerful this social media platform is at inviting messages and expressing public sentiment. To be clear, a president of the United States was elected and governed in accordance with the Twitter messaging. So, I don’t think it’s wise for anyone to ignore the result of this CDC Twitter poll.

In my opinion, the results of the CDC poll on vaccination COVID recovered Americans point to a serious threat to national security.

But what exactly is the threat to national security?

Wherever government policy and recommendations are, especially those “ordered” and imposed by American citizens, there is a great deal of similarity from where the public stands – a serious threat to our republic is revealed.

Now, CDC “experts” may claim that the public is “misinformed” about this issue. But, of course, when it comes to vaccination the COVID gets they never have that foot to stand on.

In fact, within minutes of the CDC learning that its Twitter poll was going in the opposite direction of agency policy, they released a tweet linked to their poll that read: “True! Not yet experts know how long you can be protected from the disease also after recovery from # COVID-19. Get your COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. ”

That is, they “believe” that the Americans who responded to their twitter poll were wrong. Even if their own “experts don’t know yet,” they want us to get these shots – perhaps in what their marketing and PR folks call “too much caution.”

However, the CDC and its director, Harvard’s Rochelle Walensky, are aware of exactly the same basic clinical / scientific principles AND emerging epidemiological data from Cleveland Clinic, Cornell University and Israel show that the recovered COVID and natural resistance are available to extract little to no benefit from further vaccination.

Actually, on the contrary, though COVID-19 Vaccines benefit most people who are not immune, they also have a wide variety of unique and terrible risks of injury and harm to a small group of people. The risks to this include the risks of blood to blood, myocarditis and neurological damage.

But more importantly, epidemiological data bear this out People who recover from COVID have a higher risk to promote adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccination.

So, really, isn’t moving out of an “abundance of precaution” for the CDC NOT rushing to vaccinate COVID recipients of Americans? Instead of foolishly saying “True! Experts do not yet know how long you will be protected from the disease also after recovery from # COVID-19. Get your COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. ”

In fact, the CDC tells you, the American people, “we don’t know how long your resistance will last, even if it’s more preventable and even if this vaccine has side effects that could be harmful to people who used to be infected. not the same – right, trust us, go ahead and take it… Because we and our ‘experts’ said… ”

And when they call them by their unsafe logic and risk “instruction” in the clinic, they simply say they are “guiding the American public” and it is up to private businesses and individuals to make the choice to make about vaccination.


The CDC in the Biden administration is giving a green light to the responsibility of American businesses to impose a draconian and incorrect vaccine mandate on millions of Americans with natural resilience from a previous infection – regardless of the obvious lack of medical necessity and the very real potential to be completely avoidable. bodily injury.

To be very clear, the CDC now knows, based on its own Twitter poll, that the majority of Americans are likely to oppose their policy of non-discriminatory vaccination of COVID recipients and have- immune already – which is literally millions. in America.

They also know that basic science and clinical judgment tell us that most infected people are OK to avoid (it’s IMMUNOLOGY 101, Dr. Walensky!). AND, they know that strong epidemiological data show that naturally infected people are well protected from re-infection-almost as well as vaccinated people are protected from de novo infection.

Dr. also knows. Walensky and his colleagues that the American people are ordered and, in many cases, forced to be vaccinated, in line with the CDC’s “instruction” to American private corporate companies and educational institutions – not harmful, but because the American is private. Businesses are risky and irresponsible in fear.

That’s why if the FDA’s CDC makes a “guideline,” private businesses are even more likely to consider enacting harmful and destructive policies that give them legal defense at the federal level in court. It doesn’t matter how bad or unsafe the rule is already in place. Federal “instructions” are not good stages, they have the power to act on a wide scale!

You may ask: “Why is the CDC in the Biden administration acting in such a horrible and thoughtless risky way?”

In fact, the reasonable explanations for the dangerous and unreasonable conduct of the CDC in insisting that COVID recipients be vaccinated are as follows:

a) The agency does not operate on a sound, ethical and purposeful scientific foundation.

b) The agency “experts” were caught or brainwashed by vaccine industry and the politics of ego and professional dynamics.

c) The agency believes that the American people are stupid, ignorant and incapable of making the right choices to preserve their own health, so they choose to use an instruction that is “one size fits all. to all ”.

Anyone or a combination of the problems at the height of the CDC is a terrible problem and life -threatening to unsuspecting Americans.

But more talked about, as I said above, is the result of a CDC Twitter poll that pointed to a wide and alarming gap between public opinion and federal government policy, which led to not less than the mandated bodily treatment of individual American citizens of millions. .

This problem created by the Biden administration and its CDC and management with thoughtless imperfection and indifference is a serious problem of trust. Because at the root of a viable democratic republic is a requirement for the voluntary public trust of the majority of citizens.

By the last survey where 70% of Americans disagree with a federal government policy that affects their bodies – we have a huge national security problem in our republic.

When people no longer rely on government policies, governing bodies fail and fall apart.

It is unfortunate to see that the Biden administration, its CDC and its “experts” do not see clearly that a majority of Americans are opposed to vaccinating COVID recipients and natural human resistance – UG that the feds opened the door and allowed American private businesses to order vaccination, simply destroying public trust in the U.S. government.

It’s time for the CDC to stop the crazy “one-size-fits-all” campaign of vaccine marketing and be fair and inviting to the clinic. It’s time for the CDC to stop thinking that the American people can be “crazy” or “misinformed.” Because the FDA and CDC, at present, are inflicting significant damage on U.S. national security by directly causing the public to lose confidence in the government.

I think despite the CDC’s intent to create a marketing tool using the poll posted on Twitter yesterday, the fact that voting is a good thing. Because it provides an opportunity and window for CDC leaders and the Biden administration to correct the many political and public health mistakes they made in the vaccine campaign.

Alas, I think the CDC and its leaders and “experts” are smart and have the expertise to see their root cause.

My prediction is that the CDC’s PR closet will spin the results of this Twitter poll to claim that the American people have been misled by “misinformation” from bad players, foreign or domestic… Or maybe they’ll try to claim that 70% of respondents Spies and bots in Russia, Chinese or Iran. However, the majority of the American people are in the old narrative born of elitist echo-chambers that are destroying the foundation of America.

Unfortunately for the CDC in the Biden administration, Twitter actually has power over most Americans. And most Americans call the CDC the BS vaccine using their own Twitter poll.

In summary, I am writing here for the record and to publicly warn the Biden administration, the CDC and FDA of a serious national security mistake they have made through their “one size fits all” vaccination approach. of COVID -19 of COVID -recovered in the United States -in a situation where millions of such Americans have been forced and coerced to take shots that they believe will (correctly) not benefit them, and they may be harmed .

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