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An 18-year-old from Springdale, Arkansas, who had a heart attack after receiving her second dose of COVID vaccine at Pfizer said she would rather get COVID than have a heart attack.

In a conversation with The Protector, Isaiah Harris said he received his first dose of Pfizer on April 8 and second dose on April 30. Within 12 hours of the second dose, the teen experienced fever and chills. His father, Justin Harris, initially didn’t think much about it because he got sick after the same dose of Modern vaccine, even if his symptoms are not severe.

That is not the case for Isaiah. Within 48 hours of the second dose, Isaiah’s heart started to hurt “very badly” and things started to go downhill quickly. Harris said they were really worried when their son started having difficulty breathing.

“We took him to the hospital but they didn’t take it seriously,” Harris said. “We waited in the waiting room for more than two hours and then left him in a hallway for six hours. Things went from bad to worse while waiting in the hospital. There he had a heart attack and one of his lungs filled with liquid. ”

Harris said that before his wife – who was the only one allowed to accompany Isaiah in the hallway due to COVID bans – told staff several times that his son had a heart attack they put him in a room. and run the EKG.

Isaiah’s EKG is abnormal and his numbers continue to worsen. At one time, 80% of Isaiah’s heart was swollen and only 40% was functioning. The of Isaiah troponin levels very tall doctors say he had a heart attack.

“Doctors keep denying that it’s the vaccine,” Harris said. “They didn’t want to say that really. Afterwards a nurse brought a study The appearance of the vaccine can cause myocarditis. ”

Myocarditis is inflammation of the heart muscle that can lead to cardiac arrhythmia and death. According to researchers according to the National Organization for Rare Disorders, myocarditis can be the result of infections, but “myocarditis is usually the result of the body’s immune reaction to initial heart damage.”

Isaiah was hospitalized for four days for “acute myocarditis, ”Harris said. “The doctors said six months of total bed rest with medications to kill his heart. That’s when I grabbed the surgeon general in Arkansas and he gave us a link to VAERS because the hospital didn’t do anything. . ”

VAERS is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Adverse Vaccine Reaction Reporting System.

Harris said he’s concerned that the CDC has “passed” and “hasn’t done a thorough research on it.”

Faced with high recovery, Isaiah regrets getting the vaccine

Isaac had a close friend with connections to the Cleveland Clinic who got him a deal. Dr. Allan Klein, a cardiac specialist and director of the pericardial center at the Cleveland Clinic.

“The Cleveland doctor was researching about myocarditis. He saw 100 patients personally with myocarditis from the vaccine, and did research on it early when there were only 77 cases,” Harris said.

Isaiah, who graduated from community college as a high school senior, said his condition is now better than before but he is still in a minor illness.

“The swelling is gone,” Isaiah says. “I used to lift every day but for three to six months I haven’t been able to do any physical activity. The best I can do is walk my dog. If I can improve my heartbeat, it can reoccur. and I could have a heart attack again. ”

Isaiah said he had no pre-existing conditions before suffering a heart attack. “I’m pretty healthy. I lifted a little. I am active. I used to play football. No history of viruses or myocarditis. ”

When asked if he recommended the vaccine to other teenagers, Isaiah said, “I’m not against the vaccine, but I don’t think anyone should get this vaccine. Even in Canada I talked to someone and it was lowered to a dose for teenagers and they still have issues. “

Isaiah’s father said:

“I’ll be honest with you. I used to think anti-vaxxers would be different and my wife had already decided she couldn’t get the vaccine. For my other two boys, it was an option for them, but they chose. Isaiah decided because he was more social to get the vaccine and now I am totally against it. The doctors said Isaiah could not get the booster and there were no vaccines for him. ”

Harris said he was totally against the vaccine, even if he got the Moderna shot, because the vaccines also cause myocarditis in the elderly as well. It’s just too dangerous and there’s not enough study, he said.

“It would have been better for Isaiah to have COVID and be healthy than to have a possible lifelong issue with his heart, and now another possible heart attack if he prolongs himself for the next three to six months,” according to Harris.

“To look at Isaiah on the outside, he looks normal, but if you look at his numbers and scan the heart, it shows inflammation-it shows a real case of myocarditis,” he said. Harris.

Harris said he thought he was doing the right thing and had a lot of conscience.

As he:

“I think you know, I feel like a parent-there are two sides to it. My wife doesn’t want him to get vaccinated and as a father, I want him because Isaiah is so outgoing and he’s getting ready. to enter. UAMS school of medicine and I want him safe.

“Listening to the government pushing it – no matter if it’s a republican or democratic leader – this is what you have to do. I’m skeptical but it’s okay for me to do Moderna. Even though I have a serious guilt that I prepared the appointment for Isaiah and encouraged him to take it, even if he chose.I helped him get the vaccine.I think as parents, maybe we should step back and help educate ourselves and so on. So we finally shared his story – to educate people. ”

Isaiah said, “I believe President Biden said in a recent statement that if you don’t get vaccinated, you end up paying the price or you wear a mask, but I’d rather have a COVID than a heart attack. ”

Agreed to latest data from VAERS, there is already 1,117 cases of myocarditis and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart) in all age groups reported in the U.S. following COVID vaccination between Dec.14, 2020 and June 11, 2021. Of the 1,117 cases reported, 686 cases dedicated to Pfizer, 391 cases in Moderna and 36 cases of the COVID vaccine at Johnson & Johnson.

Protecting the Health of Children asks anyone who has experienced an adverse reaction, to any vaccine, to file a follow-up report these three steps.

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