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How the Tech Giants work for Security State

Reported by the Fair Observer:

The United States proudly believes in its uniqueness as a nation in this evil world that remains dedicated to the freedom of its citizens. That belief is about the root myth of the country. Americans see their country as a representative of an ideal, a model for all other nations to emulate. They continue to believe that their government is committed to their own inviolable freedom, even after the more visible excavation of all its institutions through the military-industrial complex, a process well underway in when it was criticized by President Dwight Eisenhower 60 years ago.

The seizure was confirmed by numerous events, including a series of costly and futile wars in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Despite the obvious lessons of the past, Washington’s political class has consistently demonstrated its inability to oppose policies that would lead to more unsuccessful wars or to perpetuate ever-growing military budget. It is more accurate to call the USA UCA, the United Complex of America. Militarism of body and spirit means their union.

Newsom by Gob: A Vaccination Certification System Will Come ‘Very Soon’

The San Diego Union-Tribune reports:

Tried to move away from the phrasevaccine passport, ”Governor Gavin Newsom said Friday that California is ready to release an electronic system that will allow businesses to confirm that their customers have received their shots.

During a news conference held at the Vista Community Clinic, after the second of three drawings of the lotto vaccine, the governor SAYS that such a system is in the works when asked about the language of testimony included in the latest state masking. lead released Wednesday.

Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook Target New Pack of Antitrust Bills

Reported by CNET:

U.S. lawmakers unveiled a broad antitrust agenda on Friday, aimed at reviving the fierce competition among the giants they want. Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google with five bipartisan studies that will represent the most significant change in antitrust laws in decades. The result of more than a year of investigating competition in the digital marketplace, target fees that lawmakers call “unregulated power wielded” by Lots of Tech.

The research is aimed at four tech titans, who together influence almost every aspect of online life, as well as the broader industry. If legislation is later passed, the bills will make it easier for the government to dismantle leading companies, preventing them from saving competition by first taking over and crimping them from using the various businesses that have conflicts of interest.

#EyesOnAmazon: Amazon’s Push Campaign for a World ‘Dominated by Total Corporate Surveillance’

Common Dreams reported:

To mark one year anniversary of Amazonthe raised temporary cessation to sell controversial face recognition software to law enforcement agencies, more than 20 advocacy groups and more than 10,000 supporters last week launched Protesting on Amazon, a digital presentation about that #EyesOnAmazon week in action.

Led by digital rights group Fight for the Future, the Amazon Protest was joined by Color Change, Growth in Demand, Free Press, MPower Change, Public Citizen,, RootsAction and other organizations asking Amazon to permanently destroys so -called racist surveillance tech campaigners ”and“ police state ” watch. The company’s campaign also called for an end to its complicity in evicting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Judge Removes Behavior Brought to Texas Healthcare Jobs Forced to Get COVID Vaccine or Lose Job

The Defender reports:

A Texas federal judge on Saturday Deposed a lawsuit by health staff accusing their employer of “prohibiting forcing employees” to receive COVID vaccines.

Jennifer Bridges and 116 other plaintiffs SAYS Houston Methodist Hospital forces employees to get COVID vaccines that “experiment and kuyaw. ”The staff’s priority work for refusing the vaccine was a“ wrong conclusion, ”according to the complainants.

The hospital last week suspended nearly 200 employees refused the vaccine.

U.S. District Judge Lynn Hughes ruled that Texas law only protects employees from dismissal if they are asked to commit an illegal act that carries criminal penalties. Agreed to judge of judgment, “Acceptance a COVID-19 vaccination is not an illegal act, and it is not criminally punishable. ”

YouTube suspended Sen. Johnson for COVID-19 ‘Misunderstanding’

Reported by ABC News:

Sen. suspended. Ron Johnson on Friday from uploading the videos to the YouTube a week later, the company later said he had violated it COVID-19 “Misinformation policies.”

the Wisconsin The Republican’s dismissal stems from statements he made at a June 3 Milwaukee Press Club event, which were posted on YouTube. He criticized the Trump and Biden administrations for “not only ignoring but acting against rigorous research (on) the use of cheap, generic medicine that would also be meant for early treatment of COVID,” reports the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

WhatsApp Boss Seeks Encryption Attacks as Orwellian

The Guardian reports:

Attack the government on whatsappEnd-to-end encryption is the same as the requirements that an Orwellian telebreen be installed in every living room, said the head of the app as it launches a major privacy-defending advertising campaign.

Did Cathcart tell the Guardian in an interview that the unnatural nature of digital communications can cover up many violations of personal freedom.

“Imagine there is a proposal from the government to put a video camera in every offense in a country that is involved in the internet, so that the government can open it up if they are investigating a crime,” he said.

Amazon Faces Privacy Backlash With New Technology on the Sidewalk

Yahoo! The news was reported:

Amazon launched new technology called Sidewalk connecting supported devices with your neighbors using a small portion of your internet connection. But it does bring up questions about consumer privacy. Reported by Meg Oliver.

Amazon Failed to Investigate India’s Selling Behaviors

The Guardian reports:

The indigay indigay commission is also launching an investigation into AmazonThe marketing strategies, which will examine the £ 1bn-a-year joint venture of UK billionaire training father Rishi Sunak.

The investigation, originally announced in January 2020, will continue after an Indian court on Friday dismissed the requests of Amazon and its rival – Walmart -owned Flipkart – to shut down its investigation into the business practices of many U.S. retailers.

One of the biggest sellers on is a company called Cloudtail, a £ 1bn business that is 76% controlled by Sunak’s wealthy in -laws, the Murthy family. The remaining quarter of Cloudtail is owned by Amazon.

Vaccine Passports: Why They Are Loved in Europe and Hated in the US

The Christian Science Monitor reports:

In 1992, Yiannis Klouvas transformed a movie theater into a Blue Lagoon restaurant, earning a strong reputation for live music. There is no music today. Business, like many others on the Greek island of Rhodes, is struggling due to pandemic travel bans.

“If we see a tourist on the street today,” he said, “we take a picture to remember them.”

Mr. Klouvas is now paying for the EU Digital COVID Certificate, also known as the “green passport,” to save the summer. Starting July 1, all EU member states will receive certificates as proof of Vaccination with COVID-19, a recent negative test, or recovery from illness. The plan got a strong yes in the European Parliament on June 9. All EU member states, Liechtenstein, and Norway will enforce the passport.

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