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Even if it didn’t get nearly as much attention as the occupation of Zuccotti Park in Lower Manhattan, which is widely recognized as the origin of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement that exploded in the years after the financial crisis, the work in Washington Square Park Shows no signs of slowing down, even if the people who head the major Big Apple are only a day away.

Some even liken the park to a “no go zone”, a reference to areas (usually outside the U.S.) where high crime rates have prompted outsiders to avoid the area.

Late last week, the NYT published a lengthy piece of writing on the status of the WSP, which has long had a reputation as a haven for the homeless and for drug dealers. Since the city imposed the curfew a few weeks ago, the park has become a rallying point for activists and parties alike trying to teach about reclaiming public space. Residents of the bougie who live in the area surrounding the park told the NYT that the situation was “like a war”.

After the NYPD clashed in the park’s parks on June 5, the city ordered police to stand up, urging homeowners and tenants living near the park to prepare for “a summers of turmoil and sleepless nights.

Edith Molina, 19, from the Bronx. “It’s the park you’re clearing to get out of,” he said. “In the Bronx, there was gang violence, and the police kicked you out of the parks. Here, the police do nothing. ”

In recent weeks, the NYT has reported that the number of visitors to the park sometimes balloons at more than 1K people, tucked away on a 9.74-acre plot of land in the center of Greenwich Village. With the homeless and the crowd of young people rejoicing this coming the doctors, creating a surge of crack and heroin facing the park. The Daily Mail added, in a story published Sunday night, that residents also complained about “prostitution and public sexual acts” being committed in the park.

Speaking Monday, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said he believes the situation will resolve itself “naturally” .- READ MORE

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