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Some hospitals are starting to mandate getting workers COVID-19 vaccines as new vaccination flag and virus strains have spread across the country, encourage pushback from employees.

More than a dozen hospital systems have announced in recent months that they will need to be fired, including the main hospital systems in Missouri and Michigan, states where less than half the total population the fully vaccinated. SSM Health based in St. Louis says its workers must have at least one dose by Sept. 1, with an earlier deadline for leadership. Two more hospital systems in the St. Louis area. Louis has set deadlines for September and August. Detroit Henry Ford Health System gave employees until early September to comply.

Some hospital executives say the mandate signals reliance on vaccines and protect their workers because new varieties hasten hospitalization, with owners in some cases willing to evict those who do not comply.

However the sector, which employs more than 5 million, is divided by mandates between a hiring boom in industries driven by the economic rebound.

Mandates can separate workers, according to Drs. David Priest, an executive at Novant Health, where officials are debating when to act. “Just because you work in healthcare doesn’t mean you’re immune to the cultural and political influence of the community where you live,” he said.

Hospital employment has not yet returned to its pre-pandemic height as of February 2020. But urgent care and other outpatient center acquisitions-including hospital-owned locations-have exceeded the peak, according to analysis of federal data from health policy and nonprofit consultation Altarum.

Vaccination orders from health providers have met with resistance, prompting legal action, pushing the union and public outcry.- READ MORE

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