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Organizers of the Tokyo Olympics toured the cleanup of the local Odaiba Marine Park before it was used as an official Olympic venue starting July 26 after local residents and Olympic athletes complained this week. the park and the adjacent bay emit a “smell,” Australia Daily Telegraph reports Wednesday.

“A foul odor was reported at the swimming venue for triathletes and open water swimmers, raising concerns about high levels of the risky bacterium E-coli,” according to the newspaper.

“Heavy rains have intensified in Tokyo since July 27, raising the risk of seepage of coastal sewage,” the Daily Telegraph added

Water tests from Odaiba Marine Park from time to time show high levels of E. coli due to the location of the inland area of ​​most of Tokyo Bay, which receives excessive water flow, including untreated sewage, during periods of heavy rain and flooding in the area.

“The bay water smells like toilets,” some athletes who participated in pre-Olympic events held at Odaiba Marine Park in the summer of 2019. SAY Japan’s Asahi Shimbun newspaper.

Greater Tokyo is home to 38 million people and is the largest city in the world. Despite its large population, the Tokyo metro area does not have separate drainage systems for sewage and rainwater. This means that “Tokyo’s waste water and sewage… along with the flow that feeds seven rivers and dozens of underground streams and canals need to be treated before entering… Good luck explained on July 13. – READ MORE

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