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The scientist who funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology to ‘get the job done’ research on coronaviruses, now believed by many to be the source of the pandemic, has finally been removed from a position of investigative authority.

As we are previously reported, Peter Daszak – a well -known friend and colleague of Dr. Anthony Fauci – tapped to lead the UN -sponsored commission in the Lancet to investigate the origin of the coronavirus that causes a global pandemic.

The British scientist was selected despite the fact that he was associated with the Wuhan lab, repeatedly dismissing the lab’s assumption of a ‘risk conspiracy theory’, and conducted a campaign of coercion through a letter published in The Lancet to force the scientific community to avoid viewing the lab as a potential source of outbreak.

Daszak was also the lead investigator for the World Health Organization investigation tthe hat was determined within 3 hours of the Wuhan lab visit in February 2021 with no leakage based on the word of the researchers there.

Daszak later worked as an ‘expert fact checker’ via Facebook if ‘misinformation’ about the origin of COVID is monitored and removed from its platform, most of which credible scientific research. Facebook ever since reverse the policy to ban any posts with information suggesting COVID-19 is “man-made”.

It became most clear that Daszak had the greatest motive to dismiss the idea of ​​the lab leak, however he continued to investigate it. READ MORE

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