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Facebook is testing the Inside Warning Messages

The BBC reports:

Facebook A part of the U.S. was tested asking users if they were worried about someone they knew could be an extremist.

Other users may also receive an alert saying they may be threatened by extremist content.

The test messages are part of Facebook’s Redirect Initiative aimed at combating extremism. Pop-ups redirect users to a support page.

No Lockdown Plans in Russia As Virus Deaths Hit New Record

The Associated Press reports:

Russian authorities report a broken record of 679 new coronavirus deaths on Friday, a fourth day in a row with the highest number of deaths per day in the pandemic.

There is no plan for a lockdown mentioned, however, the Kremlin insisted.

The previous record, of 672 deaths, was registered on Thursday. Russia has struggled to cope with the surge in infections and deaths in recent weeks that come amid slow vaccination rates.

New York Inmates Offer Meals, Conjugal Visits, More to Get the COVID Vaccine

The New York Post reports:

State prison officials are too desperate to vaccinate inmates COVID-19 that they hanging care packages, barbecue parties and even conjugal visits, according to a memo issued this week to nearly 34,000 jailbirds.

Only 45 percent of New York’s incarcerated criminals are inoculated, compared to more than 70 percent of the law -abiding population, writes Acting Corrections and Community Supervision Commissioner Anthony Annucci.

Facebook Probe by DC Official Targets Incorrect Vaccine Information

Bloomberg reports:

Facebook Inc. the attorney general for the District of Columbia is investigating whether it has taken adequate steps to prevent the spread of incorrect information about vaccines.

Lawyer Karl Racine searched for documents that showed how the social media giant punished users who violated the rules with misinformation about vaccines, as well as materials related to a study on Facebook about the vaccine skepticism among users, according to a copy of a subpoena issued by Racine. office last month. The subpoena also asks for data on the total number of content taken or dropped by Facebook for violating vaccine misinformation policies.

Google Must Face Voice Privacy Lawsuit – US Judge

Reuters reported:

A federal judge said Google should face most of a lawsuit accusing the company of illegally recording and disseminating private conversations with people who accidentally triggered the Voice-activated Voice Assistant on their smartphones.

In a decision Thursday night, U.S. District Judge Beth Labson Freeman allowed plaintiffs in the proposed class action to pursue claims that Google and parent Alphabet Inc. (GOOGL.O) violated California privacy laws, some claimed they violated federal privacy laws, and some violated contractual claims.

Your Google Search History Requires This Own Password

Renowned Science reports:

Google has become synonymous with searching that the company name is found to go into the dictionary as a verb-and every time you ask Google something that can reveal many aspects of your life , from the medical conditions you are concerned about, to where you have gone your vacation.

With so much sensitive data involved, you want to make sure your search history isn’t safe from prying eyes. There are ways to make sure no one else can see what you’re looking for, and prevent Google itself from knowing anything about your queries online.

Don’t Think 5G. This is What 6G Sees

CNET reported:

Carriers around the world are launching theirs 5G networks Nationwide coverage is available in the US from as many as three providers. opposition smartphones became cheaper. The next generation of wireless technology is rapidly maturing.

So let’s talk about the next generation of wireless technology. Yes, 6G.

Each wireless generation will last about a decade, so 6G is a long, far from being real. Maybe in 2029 we’ll get a hint of a deployment. However, it’s worth thinking about the technology that is in the next corner and looking at what researchers think is useless about its potential.

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