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A surprising new report has linked social media platforms – the more prominent Facebook – to the “majority” of online recruitment of active sex trafficking cases.

The data was revealed by the Human Trafficking Institute in the 2020 Federal Human Trafficking Report, according to CBS.

Human Trafficking Institute CEO Victor Boutros told CBSN Wednesday: “The internet has become the dominant tool used by traffickers to recruit victims, and they often recruit them on many common social networking websites. Facebook is often used by traffickers to lure victims of active sex trafficking cases. ”

The report uses data from every criminal and civil case after trafficking active. “This report really looks at the last 20 years of federal government trends,” Boutros continued.

The report revealed that 30% of all victims identified in federal sex trafficking cases since 2000 have been recruited online. By 2020, 59% of online recruitment of active cases will occur on Facebook. 65% of identified child sex trafficking victims recruited on social media are also dedicated to Facebook.

Children accounted for 53% of identified victims of active criminal human trafficking cases in 2020, the report said, and a “majority” of them were women.

An active case is defined as one in which defendants are charged in 2020, or there are pending cases in 2020 from previous years. – READ MORE

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