Engineer Warned of “Major Structural Damage” Before Miami Condo Tower collapses

Structural firm Morabito Consultants (MC) completed a field survey report three years ago. crushed The Champlain Towers South condominium complex in Surfside, Florida, and structural damage was found.

The nine pages report from October 2018 first recorded in The New York Times on early Saturday. The report provides ample evidence of structural damage to concrete slabs under the pool deck and cracking and crumbling in the parking garage.

Page seven of the report revealed that the parking garage in the 12-story building had signs of major structural issues.

The condition of the Parking Garage level was checked specifically recording any cracks or collapsed concrete members, condition of the concrete slabs and joint sealing conditions. MC is aware of the availability of previous epoxy injections and patch repairs that have been evaluated for their long-term effectiveness. The MC’s review of the Parking Garage revealed signs of difficulty / fatigue as described below:

Numerous cracking and spalling of varying degrees was seen in concrete columns, beams, and walls. Numerous large spalls were found both inside the entrance of the driveway and under the slabs of the pool / entrance drive / planter, with examples of exposed, damaged rebar. Even if some of its damage is minor, most of the concrete damage needs to be repaired in a timely manner. All cracks and spalling present in the parking garage should be repaired in accordance with ICRI recommendations.

MC’s observation showed that many of the previous garage concrete repairs had failed resulting in further concrete cracking, spalling and leaching of calcium carbonate deposits. At the bottom of the Entrance / Pool deck where the tablet was injected with epoxy, there were new cracks from the original repaired cracks. The installed epoxy does not persist as observed from under the board, evidence of poor workmanship committed by the previous contractor. Injection ports were not removed, and the surfaces were not smooth melted after injection. The leaching of calcium carbonate deposits in many areas has definitely caused CTS to pay to paint many cars as well. This leaching will continue to increase until proper repair is completed. The MC is convinced that the previously installed epoxy injection repair is not effective in properly repairing the damaged and disturbed concrete slabs. The MC recommends that Entrance / Pool deck concrete slabs that show difficulty be removed and replaced in their entirety. Unfortunately, all of these failed slab areas are under brick pavers, decorative sealants and planters in need of completed waterproofing replacement. All repaired concrete slabs present in the parking garage should be repaired in accordance with ICRI recommendations.

The MC concluded by insisting that “necessary maintenance is necessary to sustain the sustainability of this residential property.”

In a separate report released in 2020, researchers found that the land occupied by the condo building was damaged by “alarming rates ”in the 1990s.

Kenneth S. Director, an attorney representing the resident-led association that manages the condo building, said the previous day, that renovations to the building have begun.

“They’re just getting started on this,” the Director said in an interview.

It is too early to say that the collapse of the building was due to structural problems, but evidence is mounting that it could be the cause.

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