Emails Show Biden Campaign Pressured Facebook To Censor Trump Before The Election – True Pundit

Emails obtained by CNN reveal how Biden’s Facebook campaign was forced to censor President Donald Trump ahead of the 2020 election.

The messages reveal how Biden’s campaign officials have repeatedly insisted that Facebook remove information it considers ‘violent words’, a concern that seems absent in months of leftists rioting and burning entire city blocks all summer.

After a flood of public and private complaints by Biden’s team members and other Democrats, a Biden campaign staffer said Facebook “essentially did nothing” in response.

Mainly focused on Team Trump’s official account, which has Biden officials were furious that Facebook has not taken enough videos to warn people about upcoming election fraud.

Gosh, I don’t know why they’re worried about that.

“This is the most annoying series of talks,” a Biden aide said.

“We went to Facebook with a series of letters, public complaints, private emails and all over the place, they didn’t do anything.”

Naturally, CNN round the story as an example of how Facebook failed to crack down on “misinformation,” despite the social network giant banning most of Trump’s most prominent supporters before the election and participating in industry-level censorship of pro-Trump content.- READ MORE

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