Democratic lawmaker calls for ‘gender equality’ of crash test dummies – True Pundit

The democratic Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (DC) introduced legislation Tuesday requiring auto companies to test auto safety using crash test dummies modeled on both male and female bodies.

In addition to improving the safety of female drivers, the non -voting delegate representing the nation’s capital argued that the move was necessary to promote “gender equality.”

In a statement on the bill, Norton, who heads the Subcomm Committee on Highways and Transit, argued, “Women have achieved road parity when it comes to driving, but when it comes to safety testing to protect them on the road, they don’t it’s close to achieving equality. “

“The Crash testing standards are remarkably old, and we need to update these standards now, especially as more people return to their daily commute in the next few months,” he added. niya.

In a news release released, Norton’s office lamented the fact that the federal government only used male crash test dummies and that private auto companies were often not required by law to test for safety using female models. – READ MORE

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