Dem Senators Reveal Marijuana Reform Bill, Seeking to Crack Pot – Real Pundit

Announced by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on Wednesday that he will propose draft law to decriminalize marijuana at a federal level, potentially ending an ongoing conflict between the states, which is largely toward decriminalization, and the federal government, which retains older, stricter laws against the pot of books.

The New York Times reported Wednesday that the “draft bill, called the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, would remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act” but it would also allow the federal government to move to the manufacture and sale of marijuana, “begin to regulate and tax” in the pot, and possibly “Putting federal laws on a thriving industry that has faced many years of uncertainty.”

The law allows states to maintain their own marijuana laws, but “businesses and individuals in states that have legalized its use will be free the first time it is sold and consumed without federal risk. punishment.

The bill also has an element of criminal justice reform, following the steps of the “First Step Act.” According to The New York Times, the bill would seek to reverse years of excessive criminalization of pot consumption, “immediately erasing non-violent marijuana-related arrests and convictions from records. at the federal, “and it will provide new tax revenue for the restoration of justice programs intended to uplift communities affected by the ‘failed federal cannabis ban.’ ”- READ MORE

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