Cuban American protesters close Miami expressway, blame Biden for lack of support – True Pundit

Hundreds of Cuban protesters blocked a main Miami expressway on Tuesday demanding President Biden do more to support the people of Cuba.

“We need Biden’s support,” a man with a Cuban flag covered his neck on Fox News. “We haven’t got support from the president. So, we’re trying to fight, to end communism.”

The heavy rain did not stop many policemen from turning around as they reached the highway. The crowd shouted “SOS Cuba” as a line of cars forced to stop sounded their horns.

Anti-government protests exploded in Cuba on Sunday as the communist island nation faced an economic crisis. At least 100 demonstrators, including activists and journalists, were detained, Reuters reports

“Biden, you have to listen to the people here, the elected Cuban officials and know what’s best for the people of Cuba,” said a woman with a sweatshirt covering her head from rain told Fox News on Miami. “Just listen to us and try to come together to see what we can do.” – READ MORE

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