CNN Political Analyst Says It’s Time to Get Vaccinated Passports + More • Protecting Children’s Health

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CNN Political Analyst Says It’s Time to Create Vaccine and Mandatory Vaccine Passports

Fox News said:

CNN’s political analyst, researcher Julian Zelizer called on coronavirus vaccinations and vaccines passports which would be mandatory in the U.S., pointing to a concern for Delta different of the virus, as well as a to increase the number of cases among those that have not yet been changed.

In a Wednesday’s column, Zelizer Said Republicans and Democrats, including President Biden, focused more on individual rights than “collective benefit,” and declared that Americans should not view the vaccine “as an inoculation option.”

“It’s time to get vaccinated mandates and passports. the COVID-19 vaccines continue to work very well, but most infections worsen in the pre-overweight population. Delta is another offering — that is — a poignant reminder that the global epidemic has faded in most countries but is certainly not over, ”Zelizer wrote.

Watch the 1-Hour Version of the Censored Talk by the Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology

Children’s Health Defense reports:

In June, Drs. Bret Weinstein interview Dr. Robert Malone, the inventor of mRNA vaccine technology, and Steve Kirsch, philanthropist and tech entrepreneur can be a respected force in the quest to give a voice to the people who have hurt by COVID vaccine.

The 3.5 hour “DarkHorse Podcast“Interview was censored on YouTube and other major social media platforms. Five days after the DarkHorse podcast was published, Malone’s accomplishments and nine contributions washed from Wikipedia.

Trinity Health sets an employee’s Deadline to Confirm COVID Vaccine Duty or Face Termination

Newsweek reports:

Trinidad Health requires all employees to prove they have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 by Sept. 21 or likely to lose their jobs, the Associated Press reports. Trinity is the largest Catholic health care system in the country and one of the first hospital associations in need of attracting employees.

All of the group’s 117,000 employees across 22 states, as well as contractors and anyone conducting business at a Trinidad facility, have to meet the deadline. Exceptions to the requirement may be allowed for religious or health reasons, the Associated Press added.

American Airlines Flight Disrupted by Teens Not Wearing Veils

CBS News reports:

Passengers aboard an American Airlines flight to the Bahamas spent an unexpected night in Charlotte, North Carolina, after unruly passengers refused to wear a federal mask. mandate.

The incident – which came during one of the busiest travel weeks of the year – was the latest to involve passengers refusing to comply with safety measures aboard the plane during the pandemic.

Americans Need Indoor Masks Like US Heads for ‘Dangerous Fall’ With Surge in Delta COVID Cases

CNBC reported:

While the highly transmissible delta COVID the variety continues to spread throughout the United States and anywhere in the world, scientists and other health experts warn that mandates on the inside of the mask and other public health measures can be can return to the US this fall.

The country, which just celebrated the Fourth of July with some of its first major gatherings in more than a year, is headed by a “dangerous” season collapse when the delta is expected to cause another surge. of the new coronavirus cases, health experts say. A major variation in the U.S., the delta will hit the states with the lowest vaccination rates-unless states and businesses also define mask rules, capacity limits and other measures. of public health most of them have returned in recent months, according to experts. .

The Memo: Biden and Democrats Face Vaccine Dilemma Rule

The Hill reports:

Democrats including President Biden are fighting over what to do about the slow pace of COVID-19 vaccination.

The most heated debate today centers on whether private businesses, federal workplaces and educational institutions should NEEDS proof of vaccination. If the White House urges such requirements, it is likely to mold some Americans who have not yet been vaccinated to do so.

But it is also open to the president and his party to accusations of fraud and nanny-statism on an issue that has become deeply partisan.

Psaki Urges Private Companies to Use Vaccine Passports: ‘That’s a Move, Change Step They Dad’

Fox Business reports:

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday that the Biden management not mandate VACCINE passport, But it encourages private businesses to use them as they see fit.

“That’s not now in the role of the federal government,” Psaki told reporters aboard Air Force One. “There are a number of private sector entities, university, institutions that are starting to rule, and that’s a new step they’re going to take and they need to take it. That’s not – and we’re not taking issue with that ”.

Pressure Vaccination Employees as Different COVID Spreads

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Some hospitals have already started mandate workers and COVID-19 vaccines such as new flag vaccines and virus strains have spread across the country, Spurring pushback from employees.

More than a dozen hospital systems have announced in recent months that they will need to be fired, including the main hospital systems in Missouri and Michigan, states where less than half of the total population is completely vaccinated. si st. Louis-based SSM Health its employees must have at least one dose by Sept. 1, with an earlier deadline for leadership. Two of the other hospital systems in St. Louis-area set deadlines for September and August. Detroit-based Henry Ford Health System provided employees until September to comply.

Spectators banned From Tokyo Olympics venue Amid Japan COVID State of Emergency

ESPN reported:

Fans of the postponed Tokyo Olympics are barred from opening in two weeks, next a state of emergency issued on Thursday.

ban was announced by the International Olympic Committee and Japan organizers, reducing the games to a made-for-TV event.

Although widely expected, the move marks a sharp change from just weeks earlier, when Olympic organizers said they were aiming to hold games with limited spectators.

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