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Mayor of Chicago Lori Lightfoot Racism was declared a public health emergency on Thursday, highlighting systematic racism as a leading cause of differences in life expectancy across the city.

Attended by the Chicago department of Public Health, Lightfoot said there is a 9.2 -year life expectancy gap between Black and non -Black Chicagoans.

“At almost every point in our town’s history, racism has damaged the health and well -being of our residents of color – especially those Blacks,” Lightfoot said in a statement. “If this devastating impact is not formally recognized, we will never be able to continue as a town and fully provide communities with the resources they need to live happy and healthy lives.”

The Chicago mayor said he is “doubling down” on the same and ongoing new collaboration between city officials and community leaders to address racism in Windy City.

Lightfoot said the city will implement a “will to act” initiative that will focus on addressing the effects of historical policies such as Jim Crow bans, redlining, and “other forms of financial segregation and housing and discrimination. – READ MORE

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