California, World’s Fifth Largest Economy, Scrambles to Find Reliable Energy-True Pundit

California looking for help keeping its lights on over the summer while trying to get more strength resources to prepare for future heatwaves.

“We are concerned about the level of imports available,” California’s Vice President of Independent System Operator (Cal-ISO) Mark Rothleder said at a press briefing. “During these high temperature conditions, we experienced high demand on the systems, and we also in the same night, lost some production from daytime production and had other resources that we look at and worry about.

“In the longer term, we need to continue to work on a more robust approach and consider a longer-term approach that is recognized and allowed for fair and open access to allocate transmission grid.

California’s ongoing thirst has left the state with a dwindling supply of hydropower, which needs water to produce. Limited supply resulted in daily 1,000-megawatt capacity reductions.

Heat sources-including solar and geothermal energy-are projected to drop by nearly 300 megawatts this summer.

Electricity consultant Jim Phelps told The Epoch Times that the state’s lack of energy could be attributed to a clean community selection system (CCA).

California moved to the CCA in power clean energy in the state, but CCAs rely heavily on wind and solar, which can be unreliable, he said.

“It doesn’t show if we need it,” Phelps said. “What is happening is these CCAs, because they deliver a lot of power that doesn’t rush, don’t satisfy or service California’s electricity needs when we need it.

“What California needs is strong, reliable electrical power. Nobody cares how clean the energy is without us. CCAs can’t serve California the way San Diego does. Gas and Electric, Southern California Edison, and PG&E could be an integrated utility. ”- READ MORE

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