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California taxpayer will soon walk the healthcare fees for older illegal immigrants as part of a recently approved state budget.

The budget deal will guarantee coverage for a small income, no documents immigrants older than 50. The plan was initiated by Democrats, who said they wanted to make sure everyone had health care insurance.

The coverage, which is set to take effect in 2022, costs taxpayers $ 1.3 billion annually.

Senate state Sen. Jim Nielsen said he feels that providing health care to those living illegally is one of the worst parts of the bill, which is expected to be signed by Newsom on July 1, the start of the new year. financially.

“Individuals who are illegal in California now receive the same benefits as a California citizen. All they have to do is simple here, and whether they have legal status or not makes no difference, ”Nielsen told The Epoch Times.

“I would argue that the cost to Californians is legally here and there for the rest of their lives. Also, it raises the budget even more, and it becomes a part of the base budget,” he explained. ongoing budget for the future. Every year, we need to grow basic spending, increasing the number of people served. ” – READ MORE

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