Boy Scouts Pay Nearly A Billion For 60,000 Sex Abuse Victims And Almost No Arrest-True Pundit

Just because it’s considered a boys club doesn’t mean the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) isn’t useful. In fact, their assets exceed a billion dollars. Some may conclude that it is long overdue but on Thursday last week, the billionaire boys club announced that it had finally agreed to pay for all the decades of child sexual abuse inflicted on its members. no doubt boys, usually in the hands of club leaders. . In a historic settlement of the victims, the Boy Scouts of America will pay $ 850 million dollars to the victims.

While that number would greatly diminish the net worth of the club, unfortunately, because there are so many victims, $ 850 million would amount to between three and five thousand dollars per victim, equivalent to a month and a half. that income of the minimum wage, a proverbial throw in the bucket. Undoubtedly, the settlement will be like a slap in the face to children, many of whom are now adults, who have lost their innocence to predators and to the organization that protects such predators. pedophilia.

Agreed to NPR, this is the first time the organization has paid any settlement for any case it has named as a party, and there are many.

The deal, announced Thursday, is the first legal settlement of a long list of lawsuits against the Boy Scouts, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in February 2020.

Ken Rothweiler, one of the chief negotiators in the settlement called it, “the most numerous settlement of sexual abuse claims in U.S. history.”

The organization relies on local councils to pay no less than $ 300 million, and the parent organization will also pay for things like “unsecured promises to abuse victims, including protective measures. to youth, a reporting system, the formation of a Child Protection Committee, and the sharing of information related to claims of abuse, ”according to NPR.

Rothweiler’s law firm has represented more than 16,000 victims of abuse since the 1940s, with the perpetrators cataloged in an intricate list called “perversion files”. Rothweiler, along with Tim Kosnoff, teamed up to form the group known as Abused in Scouting to raise awareness among thousands of victims urging them to move forward. Kosnoff is now firm on the agreed settlement – READ MORE

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