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If you follow the news, you may have the impression that nothing has been done in Congress, and that Democrats and Republicans will not agree on any serious legislation. You are not alone. Look at the many praises the “bipartisan” infrastructure deal has received. This widespread wonder reinforces the mistaken belief that our terrible hyperpartisan era has brought conflict and gridlock to Washington. This common denial is simply wrong.

To be sure, Democrats and Republicans are not happy to share power or be constrained by how much money they can spend or how far they can get Uncle Sam in our lives. It’s a fact that gridlock can slow things down. But for those of us who still believe that government should be less and more fiscally responsible, slowing things down is almost always a good thing. It certainly won’t stop passing legislation. What else can be explained by the rapid and rapid increase in our budget, deficit, and debt?

Congress is always happy to pass legislation when it is in the interest of members. Just look at the past few months: Could a gridlocked Congress pass $ 6 trillion in COVID-19 dollars in aid? Most of this takes the form of subsidies to companies (which do well) and transfer of wealth to people (regardless of whether they bring any disaster loss). A bipartisan Congress has bailed out airlines three times and sent trillions of dollars to the Small Business Administration to help during a pandemic, despite a long record of the agency always responding during disasters. Both Democrats and Republicans supported these efforts. These are not party line votes.

The Senate Bipartisanship also enacted the United States Innovation and Competition Act of 2021, formerly known as the Endless Frontier Act, an “industry policy” law originally intended to increase funding for applied industry research and development. progress but finished a long list. of corporate benefits provided by some of the largest and most profitable corporations in the country without attached cables.

We have $ 28 trillion in debt. Even if you don’t take into account last year, we haven’t accumulated a lot of debt on a partisan basis. And we don’t just accumulate it in emergencies or even mostly through tax cuts. This is the product of many agreements on both sides of large government spending, every year. That comes with trillions of subsidies to farmers, loan guarantees for energy, infrastructure, small businesses, and exports. This includes ever -expanding entitlement programs. And more importantly, it accompanies willful neglect or an indifference to how it is paid for. – READ MORE

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