Big Blaze Comes to Tehran Refinery Just Hours After Sleeping on Iranian Warship – True Pundit

A major oil refinery in Tehran today swallowed up by a great fire hours later Wednesday morning the Islamic Republic’s largest warship burned and drowned in the Gulf of Oman under mysterious circumstances.

State of Iran Tasnim News of a breaking report identifies it as the Shahid Tondguyan oil refiner, considered to be among the largest in the country.

By accident? Or are we witnessing now a return to the summer of 2020 which saw tit-for-tat attacks sabotaging oil tankers, military and nuclear areas linked to Israel and Iran?

The time is also interesting given Iran and the West appears on the verge of completing a restored nuclear deal in Vienna, which means the US will drop sanctions and allow Iran to continue ‘peaceful nuclear energy’ development. Israel has promised to do everything to prevent such an agreement seen in Tel Aviv giving way to nuclear weapons.

Numerous videos show a widespread fire of progress, emitting thick black smoke high in Iran’s capital… – READ MORE

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