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The Biden administration has taken FBI background checks for caregivers of overpacking migrant shelter children (or if they no longer call the AOC, ‘concentration camps’), welfare experts have alerted. of the child who is said to have compromised safety, according to Chicago Tribune.

The move comes at Biden’s turn “Tent camps, convention centers and many other facilities” run by private contractors paid for by the Department of Health and Human Services. In March, the administration announced it would open eight new emergency sites across the Southwest, which will add 15,000 new beds-double capacity.

To cope with the influx of migrant children, the U.S. government lowered the bar needed to keep them safe.

These emergency sites do not have to be licensed by state authorities or provide the same service as a permanent HHS facility. They also cost more, estimated at $ 775 per child per day.

And to staff the sites quickly, the Biden administration has abandoned vetting procedures intended to protect minors from possible harm.

Staff and volunteers who directly care for children in new emergency areas do not have to be subjected to FBI fingerprint checks, who use criminal databases that are not publicly accessible and can be bypassed by a person who changes their name or uses a false identity. -Chicago Tribune

As NPR reported last month, there is little management in shelters holding tens of thousands of migrant children, while “Some of the facilities holding children today are run by contractors already facing lawsuits claiming to be children are physically and sexually abused in their residences under the Trump administration, while other new companies have little or no experience working with immigrant children. In all, emergency facilities can accommodate nearly 18,000 children, according to data provided by the agency last month. ”

In April, Tex Governor Greg Abbott called for the Biden administration to close a facility in San Antonio for migrant children. excuse the sexual assault.- READ MORE

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