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President Biden told the world: “US achieves its goals in Afghanistan”

We wonder what those purposes are after so many years?

Biden added that he said “Will not send another generation to war in Afghanistan,” Afghan leaders are urged to “come together to lead the future.”


As’s Dave DeCamp detailed previously, Politico published an article on Wednesday citing two unnamed U.S. officials as saying the evacuation of Afghanistan was essentially over, even if there are plans to keep the country’s troops going. “The retreat is over, for all intents and purposes,” said an official. “It’s over.”

The official said that today, about 600 U.S. troops remain in Afghanistan. Most of the troops Marine Corps or Army personnel to remain at the U.S. embassy in Kabul. The remaining 600 are based at Hamid Karzai International Airport, which is also located in Kabul.

The report says these 600 troops will remain after the U.S. officially completes the withdrawal. The remaining Afghan military personnel to be pulled before President Biden’s deadline on Sept. 11 are Gen. Scott Miller, the U.S. commander -in -chief in Afghanistan, and his staff. – READ MORE

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