Biden Backtracks Facebook’s “Killing People” as Fauci Urges Americans to Listen to “Trusted Messengers”

As analysts blamed the delta difference for market ructures on Monday, Drs. Anthony Fauci in an interview that variety has become increasingly “dominant” screening in the U.S., as he continues to share data on the effectiveness of vaccines made in America despite growing evidence that the effectiveness they provide against the Delta is much lower than some believe.

Fauci says that while vaccinated people are “mostly protected”, the effectiveness of the jab is only 93% to 94%.

Meanwhile, earlier today, UK chief scientific adviser Patrick Vallance stated that almost 60% of people admitted to UK hospitals have already received two doses of the vaccine. Leading Israeli health authorities have come to the same conclusion, warning that the Pfizer jab is only 64% effective.

In addition, Drs. Fauci reports that the COVID may be a result of a leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, despite reports over the weekend saying that the intelligence community increasingly believes it is, in fact, the likely scenario (not the “natural transmission” scenario that a team of WHO scientists tried to push after a trip to Wuhan to “investigate” the origin of the virus).

Failing to understand the paradox, Drs. Fauci that he was “practically asking” people to get the vaccine, while admitting that Americans should only listen to “trusted messengers” like… in the Biden Administration?

But why is it that trust in “reliable” trustees like the government and media is so low? Well, well for us, President Biden offered the most recent example on Monday when he returned a harsh comment he made last week. On Friday, Biden insisted that Facebook was literally “killing people” for allowing the ‘anti-vaccine’ content to proliferate.

But on Monday, the president reiterated the comment, claiming that “Facebook is not killing people.”

Biden explained that his comments Friday did not specifically accuse Facebook of killing people, instead it referred to the 12 individuals said to be responsible for most of the misinformation in COVID-19 (the information, from a studies of some left -wing think tanks, quoted by the White House).

Biden said he expects Facebook not to take “personal” and instead choose to “do something” to prevent misinformation.

“Facebook is not killing people. These 12 people on the outside are giving false information, anyone who listens to it is hurt by it,” the president explained after giving statements about the economy. people. Bad information. ”

In the most recent flip flop, we can’t help but ask: does Drs. Fauci is President Biden a “reliable source of information”?

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