Bezos’ Joyride Into space wounded by NGO as Planet Burns, Millions Hungry • Protecting Children’s Health

The humanitarian group Oxfam International blasted the world’s richest man as an avatar of a system that allows few people to accumulate enough wealth to escape the planet amid widespread suffering of the most polluted , warming and destroying world.

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With billionaire Jeff Bezos flying into space today aboard a no choice Blue Beginning Rocket, the humanitarian group Oxfam International blasted the world’s richest man as an avatar of a system that allowed some people to accumulate enough wealth to get away from the planet amid widespread suffering. many polluted, warming and ruined worlds.

“We have now reached stratospheric inequality,” Oxfam’s Deepak Xavier said in a statement Monday. “Billionaires burned in space, away from a world of pandemics, climate change and hunger.”

Xavier points to a recent Oxfam report showing that 11 people on Earth are starving to death every minute, just one example of the unnecessary hardship experienced by billions as Bezos began his “HAPPINESS”In the void – which he hopes to set the stage for a favorable tourism business that focuses on the preferences of the wealthy.

“The more affluent are supported by unfair tax systems and deplorable employment protection,” Xavier said. “Bezos pays next to left U.S. income tax but could spend $ 7.5 billion on its own aerospace venture. The wealth of Bezos almost doubled in time to COVID-19 pandemic. He can pay everyone on Earth to be vaccinated against COVID-19 and he is even richer than he started the pandemic. ”

“What we need,” Xavier added, “is a fair tax system that allows more investment to end hunger and poverty, in education and health, and to save the planet from growing climate crisis – than leave it. “

Bezos ’flight comes a week later fellow billionaire Richard Branson traveling to the edge of space in the hopes of the Virgin Group founder to be able to launch a series of commercial space flights – for those who can afford the high cost of a ticket.

“About two million people will be able to go into space, according to equity analysts at Vertical Research Partners, with a high net-rich population growing at nearly 6% annually,” the Wall Street Journal reported. reports last week. “It is estimated that the Virgin must bring about 1,700, or about 0.08% of individuals, into space each year to use its model.”

Virgin Galactic said it collected nearly $ 80 million in sales and deposits by selling tickets for nearly $ 250,000 a clip. Among the first customers was the billionaire founder of SpaceX Elon Musk, whose wealth grew more than $ 138 billion during the pandemic. Blue Origin, for its part, is reportedly plans to charge as much as $ 300,000 per seat for the upcoming 11-minute flight, which will see several minutes of weightlessness passed the edge of the void.

“The class war was Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Richard Branson who became richer by $ 250 billion during the pandemic, paying a lower tax bill than a nurse and space race while the planet burned and left millions without healthcare, shelter and food, ” tweet Warren Gunnels, director of staff for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

Originally published on Common Dreams.

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