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How to flip a Red Blue Tram Nguyen

How to flip a Red Blue Tram Nguyen

Virginia is for lovers – and, in the long run, it’s also for Confederate nostalgia and Republican politics. Richmond, the capital of Virginia, is one of the capitals of the Confederacy. Virginia still has 150 public locations, such as streets and parks, that bear Confederate names – for example, Lee Jackson Memorial Highway, named after Gen Robert E. Lee and Gen. Stonewall Jackson. As such, given the Confederate pride of the state, it should come as no surprise that, from 1968-2004, the state exclusively voted for Republican presidential candidates. But starting in 2008, things started to change. That year, and every four years from now, Virginia voters went to a Democratic presidential candidate. Today, Virginia is a democratic trifecta – the party controls both the legislature and the governor’s office – and the state has renamed its streets and parks to eliminate any Confederacy associations.
Tram Nguyen played a big role in flipping the blue of Virginia. He is the co-founder and Co-Executive Director of New Virginia Majority, an organization that registers nearly 300,000 new voters and knocks on 3.1 million doors to get the vote out. They have also played a key role in restoring formerly incarcerated Virginians ’voting rights, expanding Medicaid, and getting undocumented immigrants entitled to drivers’ licenses. Amanda and Faiz spoke to him to find out how he did it and to find out what his advice was for activists and politically relevant citizens, in the purple and red states, who have similar interests. longing.
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