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A Bloomberg report details on how to take over the artificial intelligence systems used by Amazon and fire the contract drivers.

Called “Flex,” Amazon uses AI to determine how many drivers are needed for deliveries. The app, which is installed on drivers ’smartphones, measures whether they deliver packages on time and complies with customers’ special requests.

If a driver misses the mark, they are subjected to an automatic firing.

That’s exactly what happened to Stephen Normandin, 63, an Army veteran who was just fired by the Flex. He said the algorithms track his movement every time he delivers packages around the Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

Normandin said it was unfair for Amazon to punish him for things he couldn’t control – like locked apartments. He says each job “gives him 110%,” but the algorithm fails to detect external factors that could affect delivery.

“I was really upset because we talked about my reputation. They say I don’t do the job if I know I’m doing well, ”he said.

At the world’s largest e-commerce retailer, algorithms are the boss, retrieving and firing and tracking hundreds of thousands of workers without human supervision.

Flex began operations in 2015 as a way for Amazon to get same -day packages to regional customers. – READ MORE

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