Abbott Seeks to Use Crowdfunding on Bankroll Texas Border Wall – Real Pundit

Republican Governor Greg Abbott has announced plans to fill the Texas border wall with Mexico.

“If I make the announcement later this week, I’ll also provide a link you can click and go to for everyone in the United States – literally everyone around the world – who wants to help Texas build border wall., there’s a place there where they can contribute, ”the Texas Republican said on the conservative Podless podcast.

Abbott has already announced that Texas will build its own wall to secure the border but has not yet released a plan on how it will fund the effort, reports The Texas Tribune. “Texas won’t sit idly by as this crisis grows,” Abbott said of Del Rio, Texas, last week.

“It’s out of control and needs to change,” he said, the Tribune reported.

This isn’t the first attempt at border wall crowdfunding, as We Build The Wall, a private fundraising organization, raised $ 25 million in a pledge to provide three miles of border wall across the border. in South Texas. Four men involved in the effort, including Steve Bannon, were later indicted in August by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York on suspicions of allegedly defrauding donors. – READ MORE

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