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In the face of growing unemployment, 25 states ending federal unemployment benefits in the coming weeks. Their governors are Republican ARGUE those benefits make wage unemployment even more labor-intensive, putting workers on the economic side. But the relentless end to benefits in those states over the next four weeks is only a prelude to greater benefits to the cliff in the coming working day. That’s when federal benefits for as many as nine million recipients abruptly end, marking the most cliff benefits in American history. The cliff will result directly from the Democrats ’March 2021 American Rescue Plan and will not equally affect recipients in the blue states.

The federal response to the pandemic is included nothing has happened yet raised and extended unemployment benefits that are already scheduled in general more than $ 700 billion. While the current $ 300 per week bonuses are getting too much attention because they pay some workers preferably remain unemployed, most recipients collect benefits due to two more federal pandemic programs. One raised unemployment checks for more than 18 months for exhausting state benefits. Some offer federal checks to millions who never qualified for benefits before. That later program saw strange level of deception and now supports more people than any unemployed program. Except where they are quickly terminated by the states, these federal benefits are set to expire the weekend before Labor Day.

How many people will hit the cliff on Labor Day and see their benefits without federal employment, which is now usually around $ 600 per week, come to an abrupt end? It’s hard to know for sure because some recipients now go back to work and provide benefits before they do. But as the chart below shows, there were recently 9.2 million recipients in states where federal pandemic benefits end on Sept. 4, including more than 8 million in states led by Democratic governors. :

Federal benefit recipients could potentially be affected by the arrival of state shutoffs and the Labor Day cliff

Source: preliminary report of Department of Labor claims for June 3, 2021. “current benefit recipients” along with ongoing claims for Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) and Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation (PEUC) for the week ending May 15, 2021. Red shows states with a Republican governor, and blue with a Democratic governor. The states that end the PUA and PEUC are: In the week ending June 12, IA, MS, MO; the week ending June 19, AL, ID, IN, NE, NH, ND, WV, WY; in the week ending June 26, AR, GA, MT, OK, SC, SD, TX, UT; in the week ending July 3, MD, TN; and in the week ending Sept. 4, all remaining states (including AK, AZ, FL, and OH, with none early ending $ 300 bonuses but not PUA and PEUC).

Those 9.2 million who could potentially lose Labor Day benefits more than four times the number could lose benefits due to state closures over the next four weeks.. That potential Labor Day cliff is also six times larger than the cliff if the federal fee was paid after the Great Recession ended in December 2013 and 1.3 million recipients saw that their benefits were over. – READ MORE

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