A Canadian Politician, Doctors Condemned Censorship of Scientific Inquiry and Withholding of Information on the Risks of Children’s Vaccines • Children’s Health Defense

Canadian Parliament member Derek Sloan told a press conference that the job of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario “is to protect the public, not prevent legitimate scientific questioning or opposition from professional doctors.”

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Canadian politician Derek Sloan and three medical professionals – who are said to represent hundreds of their colleagues – said last week at a press conference on Parliament Hill the Canadian government was withholding information about the harm. effects of lockdowns, risk of vaccination in children and specific effectiveness COVID treatment.

the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) issued a “terrible statement” in late April that threatened doctors who spoke about what they had witnessed in their local hospitals and communities while working on the frontlines of COVID, according to Sloan.

“The purpose of the CPSO is to protect the public,” Sloan said, “not to prevent legitimate questioning of science or opposition to professional physicians.”

The government’s attempt to intimidate doctors has the opposite effect, Sloan said. However, his office was flooded with calls from doctors, nurses and other medical science experts who were said to be threatening and prevented them from sharing their stories.

Byram Bridle, associate professor of viral immunology at the University of Guelph, Ontario, is one of several medical professionals who say they face severe censorship for asking legitimate scientific questions about COVID.

Bridle was asked on a radio program if he believed the COVID vaccines were involved. inflammation of the heart of young men. He gave his honest opinion, saying he believed there was a link. He pointed out evidence to support it.

Within 24 hours, Bridle said he was attacked on all fronts. A “libelous website” and a fake Twitter account were created to defame him, according to Bridle. He is tormented daily by phone, email and social media, and one of his colleagues even released confidential medical information about his parents, according to Bridle.

It’s a “bad deed,” Bridle said. “A trained physician should know that they do not have to disclose confidential medical information.”

Finding a place where she could talk freely, Bridle joined in The Canadian COVID Care Alliance, a group of independent Canadian doctors, scientists and health practitioners committed to providing weighted information based on Canadian public evidence about COVID.

Bridle warned that restricting open discussion of science and medicine in Canada violates the “mark of a Democratic society.”

Also speaking at the press conference was Dr. Patrick Phillips, family physician and emergency medicine, and Drs. Don Welsh, professor of physiology and pharmacology at Western University.

Both expressed concerns about their inability to speak truthfully about the adverse effects of lockdowns and the benefits of using treatments such as vitamin D for COVID.

Phillips said the “massive lockdowns” caused a lot of damage and, to date, he hasn’t seen so much. children committing suicide in his practice.

“Science hasn’t worked well in the last 15 months,” Welsh said. Lockdowns, masks, infectious disease and social isolation “create a strange list of hardships for Canadians to take the country many years to recover.”

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