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Inflation Hits Highest Level Since 1979 by Philly Fed Survey – Super-charge inflationary pressures continued to evaporate in June, the Fed’s manufacturing survey showed Thursday.

Eighty-two percent of manufacturing companies surveyed by the Philly Fed reported paying higher prices for inputs of their products, while only one percent said input costs fell. As a result, the diffusion index rose four points to 80.7, the highest reading since June 1979. – READ MORE

Perspex Screens Installed To Stop COVID Could Really Increase Spread, UK Government Report Finds – An leaked Whitehall document seen by Politico suggests that perspex screens installed to stop the transmission of COVID-19 may actually increase its prevalence.

Businesses and schools were told by the government to install the screens as a condition of reopening after the initial lockdown and these were used in most ‘essential’ stores throughout the season. – READ MORE

8 Vaccinated Crew Members Positive For COVID -19 On Royal Caribbean Cruise Ship, Travel Delay – Royal Caribbean International was forced to delay its inaugural trip on Tuesday after 8 vaccinated members tested positive for COVID-19, CEO Michael Bayley said in a Facebook post.

“Eight crew members, six of whom were asymptomatic and two had mild symptoms, were quarantined and closely monitored by our medical team,” Bayley said. Positive tests returned after the usual test, the post said. – READ MORE

Parents sent face masks worn by children to school for lab analysis. The results showed ‘dangerous pathogens’ in the masks. – Exactly what does your face mask collect after many hours of use? Many medical experts claim that there are no health risks to wearing face masks for long periods of time, as long as you clean them regularly or use a new cover every time you mask. .

But Florida parents, concerned about children wearing masks to school, recently discovered that face masks actually pick up a lot of bacteria, most of which are “dangerous pathogens. ” – READ MORE

$ 100 Oil Predictions Rise As Analysts Beware of Supply Crisis – “Unbelievable demand,” price hikes, and shareholder pressure on oil supermajors to severely cut emissions could lead to an oil crisis within three years, with prices so high. of oil and gasoline, David Tawil, head of Maglan Capital, told Fox Business on Wednesday.

Crude oil prices are indeed on the rise, and it is thought that prices could hit $ 100 per barrel soon. – READ MORE

Pennsylvania Public Schools Receive More COVID Help Than Health Providers – While the country has been battling a deadly pandemic for more than a year and schools remain closed, Pennsylvania’s education system has received more federal aid than health care systems.

Keystone State has collected more than $ 34 billion in federal aid, including through the CARES Act and the American Rescue Plan Act, according to the Commonwealth Foundation think tank. – READ MORE

15 States Move to Prevent Health Agency Powers from Compliance with Lockdown Carnage – More than a dozen states have passed or advanced legislation to put new checks on the power of public health agencies to outbreak pandemics…

Mike Fratantuono grew up in a restaurant. Literally.

For decades, Sunset Restaurant in Glen Burnie, Maryland, was the family business. Over the years, he has done all the jobs imaginable: busboy, bartender, and butcher; prep cook and plumber; handyman and manager. – READ MORE

A Record Benefits Cliff Comes Thanks To Democrats’ Rescue Plans – Faced with growing unemployment, 25 states will end federal unemployment rates in the coming weeks. Their Republican governors argue that benefits make unemployment pay more than work, keeping workers on the edge of the economy. But the relentless end of benefits to states over the next four weeks is just a prelude to even more benefits to cliff ahead of Labor Day. That’s when federal benefits for as many as nine million recipients abruptly end, marking the most cliff benefits in American history. The cliff will result directly from the Democrats ’March 2021 American Rescue Plan and will not equally affect recipients in the blue states.

The federal response to the pandemic has been accompanied by unprecedented increased and expanded unemployment benefits that are already scheduled to exceed $ 700 billion. While the current $ 300 per week bonuses get too much attention because they pay more to some workers to stay unemployed, most recipients will collect benefits because of two more federal programs. pandemic. One raised unemployment checks for more than 18 months for exhausting state benefits. Some offer federal checks to millions who never qualified for benefits before. The latter program saw strange levels of fraud and now supports more people than any other unemployed program. Except where they are quickly terminated by the states, these federal benefits are set to expire the weekend before Labor Day. – READ MORE

Why American Oligarchs Move Left – These days it’s not your usual latte-sipping millennial wake up.

Stroll around America’s most metropolitan areas with one who would believe that social justice is the latest trend surrounding corporate boardrooms.

Much has been written about awakening capital – the primary part of businesses to communicate their relevance to leftist movements – and what it means for much of society. Suffice it to say that since last year, this trend has accelerated the fastest movement. – READ MORE

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