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U.S. Meat Supply Under Danger As Cyber ​​Attack Spreads to All JBS Plants Nationwide –The White House confirmed JBS, the world’s largest meat supplier, had fallen victim to a “ransomware” attack over the weekend.

News heads from Reuters, quoting Biden administration officials, speaking to JBS, indicated that Russia was the source of the attack. White House officials spoke with the FBI’s cybercrime unit to determine if the attack, which shut down five of JBS’s largest cattle plants in the U.S., would affect the nation’s supply. – READ MORE

Restaurants across the country are raising prices amid rising costs, labor shortages – In the New York City restaurant scene that returns after COVID-19, there’s something new on the menu-even more fees.

It is better for diners to bring their money as well as their appetites, as the price of the city’s restaurant will go up thanks to the rising cost of food, supplies and labor, as do restauranteurs. – READ MORE

Court Overcomes Discrimination, Gender Preferences In $ 1.9 Trillion Covid Relief Bill Left Against Restaurant Owners – A federal court appeal on Thursday violated a provision in President Joe Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion COVID relief bill that discriminates against white restaurant owners as well as minorities from unscrupulous nasud.

Glenn Greenwald reported in his Substack that the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the racial and gender preference enshrined in the law giving priority funding to minority owners of small restaurants violated the same protection proposal. on the 14th Revision. – READ MORE

Homeland Security Walks Back Director’s Claim Taken “Checked” on Vaccine Passports – The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Friday walked back on comments made by the agency chief, who suggested the previous day that the federal government was “carefully examining” the idea of ​​requiring vaccine passports to enter or leave in United. States. – READ MORE

Fauci Cashing In ‘Truth’ Book To Be Published In November – Even a slender volume (80 pages) could make millions of dollars for the man who has become a cult of Trump haters if sold in 18 full copies. National Pulse reports, and Amazon confirmed that Dr. Anthony Fauci will sell a book to the public next Nov. 2 (in time for the Christmas shopping season), titled, Expect the Unexpected: Ten Lessons of Truth, Service, and the Way to Go, all 80 page long and sold for $ 18 a hard cover copy. – READ MORE

Florida Rock Concert Sells $ 18 Tickets For Faxxed Fans; $ 1,000 For Not Vaxxed – The introduction of COVID status certificates creates a two-tier society in which people who show affiliation enjoy their full rights and other incomes, and those who do not helmet are punished.

The most recent example is in Florida, where a concert host for an upcoming rock show this summer in Tampa Bay charges $ 18 per ticket for vaxxed fans and $ 999.99 for to non-vaxxed fans, according to Tampa ABC partner WFTS. – READ MORE

Federal Government Gives Workers Green Light To “Awaken” Workers to Get Vaccinated – The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has quietly given the green light to American companies to do whatever it takes to “incentivize” American workers to accept the coronavirus vaccine.

While vaccination continues to be slow, and incentives including lotteries and cash prizes have been announced to any adults who agree to be vaccinated before, the EEOC has just released a long -awaited instruction on how far to go. of companies pushing workers to be vaccinated Some companies, including Delta Air Lines, say they will not hire anyone who has not been vaccinated. – READ MORE

Fraudsters Go Where The Money Is (COVID -19) – In June, eight Brooklyn men met in their heads, according to the U.S. Department of Justice, and devised a plan to steal strangers ’acquaintances and take away theirs.

Just a few months before this – in the earliest days of the COVID -19 scare – Congress passed a $ 2.2 trillion bill called the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act. The money would have gone to the millions of remote Americans whose wages were disrupted during the pandemic. – READ MORE

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