650 Troops To Remain In Afghanistan As U.S. Intelligence Surveillance In Taliban Seizure For 6 Months – True Pundit

Anyone who has followed U.S. statements in Afghanistan over the past several years should know what to expect now: if Washington promotes the latest “full exit” strategy, it will likely end in nothing. From the start of both Trump’s pullout effort (which in his last year in office is set for May 1, has now come and gone) as well as Biden’s current “from Sept. 11” final record, simultaneously it’s at the Pentagon. maintain some level of substantial security and strong ‘counterterror’ on the ground.

In May, for example, defense officials predicted it could take up to 600 Marines to permanently secure the surrounding U.S. embassy in Kabul-as if no full withdrawal had been promised. The various “options” and their intense discussion are only increasing, given this month that Western media reports are full of predictions of how quickly Kabul will fall to the Taliban after the last U.S. exit. As the The Wall Street Journal this week, US intelligence gives it six months – which many pundits say is itself an overly optimistic estimate.

“The U.S. intelligence community concluded last week that the Afghan government can collapse immediately six months after the American military withdrawal from the country was completed, according to officials with knowledge of the new investigation, ”the report says.

“American intelligence agencies revised their previously more optimistic estimates as the Taliban marched through northern Afghanistan last week, capturing several districts and neighboring capital cities,” the report continued. WSJ.

This has further fueled debates surrounding whether the U.S. will provide air support to Afghanistan’s national forces from neighboring countries – a scenario that is less visible and less likely to happen after Biden last week. ordered a significant disintegration of U.S. military equipment from neighboring Gulf countries reflecting a major shift in U.S. defense priorities, which are reported to put more weight on the Chinese and Russian countermeasures.

It is now as the U.S. goes into the first plan to maintain a large security presence focused on the embassy and diplomatic compounds in Kabul, as The Associated Press Reports on Friday confirmed that U.S. officials nearly 650 troops will remain in the Afghan capital. – READ MORE

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