500+ Doctors, Parents Testify Against Massachusetts Bills Targeting Parental Rights and Religious Freedoms • Protecting Children’s Health

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More than 500 health freedom advocates, including medical doctors, religious leaders, parents and community members, were provided online verification July 12 opposed two Massachusetts studies that they argued violate parental rights, religious freedom, rights to education, bodily sovereignty and informed consent.

House Law 2411, promoted by Rep. Andres X. Vargas (D), to eliminate religious exemptions for daycare, K-12 or college students in Massachusetts.

The Senate Act 1517, initiated by Sen. Rebecca L. Rausch (D), and associates, House House Law 2271, promoted by Rep. Paul J. Donato (D) and Vargas (D), will allow children of any age to be vaccinated without parental knowledge or consent, even if the child has a mental disability.

The state of emergency for COVID-19 ended in June for Massachusetts, but the state remained closed and the hearing was held online. There has been no other recent outbreak of vaccine-preventable diseases in the state.

Evidence proving vaccines can cause damage ‘buried in court vaccine vaults’

House Bill 2411, “An Act Relative to Vaccines and Preventing Future Disease Outbreaks,” represents an attempt by Massachusetts to follow the steps of California, Maine, New York and more recently Connecticut by eliminating religious exemptions.

The state of Massachusetts has some of the highest price increases in the country and less than 1% of children attending school submits a religious exclusivity. According to the Department of Public Health, religious release is more often used to eliminate one or two vaccines in children who would otherwise be vaccinated.

Opponents of the research prove how vaccines work causing serious injury and death, many times within their own families.

Here are some highlights from the evidence presented on July 12 against House Bill 2411:

  • Harry Tembenis, father of a son who died after receiving the vaccine, shares his own story: “I’ve talked to many states about vaccine fees. While my wife, Gina, and achieved me a U.S. Vaccine Court victory saying that vaccines caused our son’s injury and eventual death, sitting in these legislative hearings I always hear that ‘science is settled, and safe the vaccines’ .If only lawmakers knew they only got half the story.The evidence proving that vaccines can and do cause harm is buried in vaccine court vaults, because all that As our son died from his vaccination and we won our case, I was free to speak about our case… but I was limited to only three minutes to try and detail a 7 years of our experience… ”
  • Aaron Lewis, pastor and prelate of Family of God Chapters International, testified that as the son of enslaved Africans and grandson of a Sephardic Jewish physician, he knew that “there is much more history and tragedy. to both my Africans and Jews. ”

Said Lewis:

“One of the main ways that Black and Jewish people are enslaved and tortured is through speech. Lawmakers create hypocritical phrases to ensure the rights of the majority. In fact, the legislators. word is only a prelude to much destruction.Vaccine equity is a new word that can cause hatred, violence, death – all spread through fear and propaganda.It is intrinsic and blatantly racist and evil to use the word justification vaccine because it is totalitarian for anyone to judge what is fair for our family and me.

”Moreover, reasonableness is not forced. The early slave masters truly believed that it was fair to perpetuate slavery forever for more than 400 years. Our United States Congress has called all 400 years, then, a fair experience. Can I as an elected official impose on a woman what I believe is the best medicine for their health? There is no size to fit everyone. The real equity of the vaccine will start taking a fee from all the vaccine manufacturers

“It’s a spiritual thing. To vote this bill is a much higher level of ethics and racist restraint… ”.

Others who testified against House Bill 2411 this year shared that many of the vaccines now use aborted fetal cell lines, including W 38, a female, and MRC-5, a male. These inanimate cell lines can be the cause chronic state of health. Others priests and even the New Orleans archdiocese urged Catholics to prevent the vaccines stained in the lines of the remaining cells.

Medical records are kept from parents

Under Senate Bill 1517 and its companion, House House Law 2271 – Also known as the “Community Immunity Act” – medical records are kept from parents so they do not know that their children have been given a vaccine.

In their testimony on July 12 against the bills, some opponents argued that allowing minor children to make medical decisions for themselves was a serious violation of parental rights. , and can lead to long -term danger and harm to children. Minors are unable to perform a proper risk-reward analysis to determine whether taking these vaccines is appropriate or necessary, critics argue, and in many cases, children are unaware of the their full medical history, or the medical history of their families, which may prove to be a contraindication.

The “Community Immunity Act” will also limit the criteria for medical exemptions at a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. list That means when vaccines should definitely be skipped.

The scaling of all procedures is a risky proposition for public health and deprives patient -doctor relationships, critics argue. The pre -determined list does not take into account the patient’s entire medical history, including family medical history or other relevant factors that must be discussed by the trainer and patient in order to fully assess the need for a medical exemption.

Finally, opponents say the same fee will allow private daycares, schools, or camps to create their own immunization policies, including requesting more vaccines above and beyond those mandated. at the Department of Public Health and excluded students from exercising religious freedom. This will allow the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to operate outside of established state regulations and dictate its own vaccination policies.

Here are highlights from a 15 -hour online testimony against “The Community Immunity Act”:

“Individuals and families deserve the right to their own body and medical consent without coercion. Education is the most equitable and getting it is the biggest threat to public health of all. ”

  • Sylvia Fogel, a psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital and a teacher at Harvard Medical School, testified:

Even if we have the highest vaccination rate in the country, there is room to optimize, but getting religious exemption or DPH implementation and approving exemptions is targeting the wrong thing with a lot of shortcomings. The low vaccination pockets in our state are especially pushed by what the DPH calls the ‘population gap.’ Of the 20 schools with the lowest measles vaccination rates in our state, 18 have zero exemptionions. And in the rest of the schools, the gap is many offering a short price. Excess vaccination pockets are not driven by 1% of children using a religious exclusivity. ”

  • Andrew Zimmerman, a professor of pediatrics and neurology at UMass Medical School, testified:

“As a longtime member of the American Academy of Pediatrics and Child Neurology Society, I am very pro-vaccine and recognize the importance of protecting children from vaccine-preventable diseases as much as possible. At the same time, at practicing my specialty, I am also aware of our incomplete knowledge of the risks of, and reactions to vaccines in some children.

“From my experience working with special needs children and their parents, I see that these measures are not medically necessary, and discriminate against the rights of parents and the needs of vulnerable children.”

What can Massachusetts residents do to help beat these fees:

The same bill is still with the Public Health Committee where it will take time to review it before being sent to another committee. In Massachusetts, the research has been read multiple times, but no date has yet been set for the next round of hearings.

In the meantime, if you live in Massachusetts, here’s how you can stay informed and involved:

  • Follow Massachusetts ’Choice of Health 4 Actions HealthChoice4ActionMA.org.
  • catheter Opposition to Progress on Facebook.
  • Prepare to register to testify at the next hearing. The legislation has been read so many times in Massachusetts that they will be in future hearings on the same bill.

Meet, call and email your state legislators. If you don’t know who your state senator and representative are, find them HERE. Let them know that you strongly oppose HB 2411 and SB 1517 and HB 2271. Explain how removing state religious exemptions will affect your family.

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