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Nearly 4,000 Wholely Vaccinated People in Massachusetts Test Positive for COVID

Fox News said:

Nearly 4,000 people have been fully vaccinated Massachusetts positively tested COVID-19, according to recent data from the state Department of Public Health.

The number of shocking cases in the state is not always constant – accounting for nearly one in 1,000 vaccinated people

As of June 12, there were 3,791 cases of coronavirus among more than 3.7 million fully vaccinated individuals in Massachusetts, according to reports.

Pfizer COVID Vaccine Linked to Infectious Blood Disease, Israeli Researchers Say

The Defender reports:

Israeli researchers on Monday said they a link was discovered between Pfizer’s COVID vaccine and thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), a blood clot.

The scientists of Institute of Hematology at Shamir Medical Center They said began to research the possible link comes after reports of a sudden rise in TTP across Israel – four cases seen a month compared to two or three cases per year.

‘Likely’ Link between Heart Inflammation and Pfizer, Moderna COVID Vaccines, CDC Advisory Committee Says

The Defender reports:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) said Wednesday there was a “likely association“In“ mild ”inflammation of the heart in adolescents and young adults after vaccination with an mRNA COVID vaccine and a warning statement is required.

Agreed to a report through the COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Technical (VaST) Work Group, the risk of myocarditis or pericarditis after vaccination of mRNA-based outbreaks in adolescents and young adults was significantly higher after the second dose and in men.

Exclusive: Teen Suffers Severe Heart Damage After Second Dose of Pfizer, Hospital Says ‘Clueless’ About VAERS Reporting

The Defender reports:

Laura Mallozzi’s 18 -year -old son, David, was hospitalized with myocarditis on June 10 – two days after his second dose of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine.

According to Mallozzi, David, from Indiana, felt pressure from his employer and co-worker to get vaccinated.

“They weren’t comfortable that he wasn’t vaccinated,” he said. “That’s why he got the COVID vaccine that I did not tell. “

The COVID Delta Variant Reigns in Fear – How Real is the Threat?

Mercola reported:

According to the regional director of the European office of the World Health Organization, Hans Henri Kluge, a new one coronavirus differently called “Delta” (the scientific name is B.1.617.2 and from India) is “ready to hold”In Europe, that may require changing lockdowns.

In an article on June 10, The Hill reports that the unique SARS-CoV-2 Delta “can spread rapidly and infect recipients of one of two doses of the vaccine higher than the whole vaccinated.”

According to Kluge, Europe is facing the same situation as they did in the winter of 2020, where cases are rapidly rising, resulting in “a devastating resurgence, lockdowns and loss of life.” We will never make the same mistake, ”Kluge said at the press conference.

The Heart Cause – COVID Vaccine Reaction in Younger Patients

Reported by Human Event:

As analyzed by the government inflammation of the heart of young people afterwards COVID-19 vaccination, scientists have called on universities to take away their vaccine mandates, pointing out that vaccines are potentially harmful and unnecessary in most cases for students.

In an opinion in the Wall Street Journal article, University of California-Irvine medical ethics Aaron Kheriaty and University of Notre Dame law professor Gerard Bradley spoke of the problems with these vaccine orders, writing, “Schools in many decades have required vaccinations against infectious diseases, but these mandates have not yet been fulfilled-and they are not good.College has never mandated that students or employees receive an experimental vaccine as a condition of attendance or work. ”

Most Idaho Home Care Workers Do Not Receive COVID Vaccines, Federal Data Says

The Idaho Statesman report:

Jen Schneider is eagerly waiting for COVID-19 vaccine Her elderly parents lived in Arbor Village in Hillcrest, a Boise residential area, with medical conditions and age that put her at risk of serious illness. They were both fully vaccinated earlier this year – a relief for Schneider.

But soon after, new fears came: His 84-year-old stepfather told Schneider the underweight staff had tested positive for COVID-19. He spoke to an employee who told him he could not be vaccinated, Schneider said.

“It was like we got them to the top line. We vaccinated them, ”Schneider said. “But to hear that the staff doesn’t have a vaccine – that’s just a bowel movement to be honest.”

They rely on the COVID Vaccine in China. Now they are fighting

The New York Times via the Seattle Times reports:

Mongolia assures people of change “COVID-free summer. ”According to Bahrain there is a” return to normal life. ” The small island nation of Seychelles is aiming for the start of its economy.

All three have placed their trust, at least in part, in readily available vaccines made in China, which will allow them to launch ambitious initiation programs at a time when most of the world does not ‘ y can.

But instead of freedom from the coronavirus, all three countries are now battling a surge in infections.

Why Do So Many Los Angeles Police Refuse COVID Vaccine? Politics, Conspiracy Theories, Distrust, Principal Said

Mercury News reports:

Nearly half of Los Angeles Police Department employees have received at least one dose of the vaccine that protects them against COVID, the police chief said on Tuesday.

That rate is far behind the majority of the public – as of last week, 67% of LA County residents had at least one dose, according to the most recent count from the Department of Public Health. At least 58% are fully vaccinated.

Italy’s Accurate Acquisition of Adolescent Deaths Linked to the Oxford / AstraZeneca Vaccine

Politico reports:

The death of a developed teenager blood to blood after having the Oxford / AstraZeneca The vaccine sparked a political storm in Italy – with most of the fire from the right.

At issue is the practice of regional health authorities running vaccination “open days” as a way to eliminate unused doses of Oxford / AstraZeneca. Some regions have gone this route even though there is a national government recommendation that the jab should be “preferably” used only for those over the age of 60, with less risk.

Oxford University evaluated the Anti-Parasitic Drug Ivermectin as a COVID Treatment

Reuters reported:

Oxford University said on Wednesday it was testing the antiparasitic drug ivermectin as a possible treatment for COVID-19, as part of a British government-supported study aimed at helping recoveries in non-hospital settings.

Ivermectin has resulted in reduced virus replication in laboratory studies, such as the university, which added that a small pilot has shown that giving the drug early can reduce viral load and the duration of symptoms. some patients with low COVID-19.

Officials: 1.6% Of COVID Deaths Occurred In Breakthrough Cases In 2021

NBC Chicago reports:

As Illinois prepares to move to Phase 5 of its coronavirus reopening plan, state health officials say the count is called “success”COVID hospitalizations and deaths remain low among those vaccinated against the virus.

According to the latest data from the Illinois department of Public Health, a total of 413 vaccinated individuals were hospitalized due to COVID by 2021. Of those patients, 106 died either from COVID or from complications. virus -related.

Those 106 deaths represent 1.63% of the total number of coronavirus deaths confirmed by the state in 2021. According to IDPH data, of the total 6,524 residents died due to COVID this year, with 23,014 confirmed deaths during the pandemic.

Reporter April Moss Says Boss Opposed to Talk to Candace Owens, Vaccine Questions

Newsweek reports:

April Moss, the reporter in a Detroit CBS station fired for allegedly on-air that he planned to accuse his employer of discrimination, said his complaints about coronavirus vaccinations, with little Candace Owens and Gayle King in the mixture.

In a video released by James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas late Tuesday, Moss complained that when she proposed to speak to Candace Owens during International Women’s Month, the idea was considered “too political,” and instead she was assigned an interview with Dr. Joneigh Khaldun of the Department of Health and Human Services.

In his interview with Khaldun, Moss asked him to clarify what he was saying COVID-19 Vaccines suppress the need for hospitalization, because “many studies have shown that people are hospitalized after vaccination.”

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